Pakistan: CPJ writes to Bush and Musharraf for word of abducted Pakistani journalist

New York, April 26, 2006—The Committee to Protect Journalists urged the leaders of the United States and Pakistan today to investigate the disappearance of Pakistani journalist Hayatullah Khan, who was seized by unidentified gunman along the Pakistan-Afghan border on December 5. The Khan family say they have been told by Pakistani government sources that Hayatullah is in the custody of the United States.

CPJ wrote President George W. Bush asking him to order an immediate review of all U.S. agencies, whether publicly known or unknown, to determine whether any has had Khan in custody. It urged that all information gleaned in that investigation should be made available to Khan’s family. To read the letter to President Bush click here.

Both the Pentagon and FBI have told CPJ that they are not holding Khan. The CIA and the U.S. consular office in Peshawar have declined to comment. One of Khan’s brothers said he has tried more than 30 times to contact Pakistani officials for information but without success. For this reason, CPJ also wrote Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf seeking clarification. To read the letter to President Musharraf click here.