Court refuses to drop charges against journalists

 UPDATE:  JANUARY 31, 2006
Original Alert: January 18, 2006

Mom Sonando, Sambok Khmum (Beehive Radio)
Kem Sokha, Cambodian Center for Human Rights
Pa Guon Tieng, Cambodia Center for Human Rights


A Cambodian court turned aside Prime Minster Hun Sen’s request that criminal defamation charges be dropped against the three journalists. The court’s decision, announced by Hun Sen on January 30, leaves charges pending against all three.

The men had been jailed for criticizing a new border treaty with Vietnam. They were released on bail on January 18 amid international pressure, and Hun Sen announced on January 24 that he would drop the charges entirely.

Yet less than a week later, Hun Sen said the court could not drop the matter because it had begun its investigation.

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