OCTOBER 17, 2005
Posted: November 2, 2005

Marcelo Borrat, TV Libre and AM Libre

Borrat, a radio and television reporter who worked for the media conglomerate Multimedio Plural, was beaten, and threatened by three unidentified assailants, the journalist’s lawyer, Edison Lanza, told CPJ. Borrat hosted the show “Juramento Hipocrático” on TV Libre and AM Libre, television and radio stations that belong to the media conglomerate Multimedio Plural based in the capital, Montevideo.

While driving home, Borrat was intercepted by three hooded attackers who forced him to get into their car, Lanza said. Borrat was taken to a nearby beach and assaulted, suffering facial injuries. The attackers left Borrat in the water and demanded he destroy unspecified cell phone recordings, the lawyer said.

Borrat had received death threats earlier in the year after he investigated irregularities in the public health system. He also aired a controversial report in September about workers fired from TV Libre. Multimedio canceled Borrat’s show soon after but said it had nothing to do with the fired-worker report.