JULY 18, 2005
Posted: August 2, 2005

Erkin Yakubjanov, International Media Support


Yakubjanov was detained for 11 days without charge. Yakubjanov was taken into custody by Uzbek border guards at the Dustlik checkpoint as he tried to cross into the Uzbek side of the Ferghana Valley. Yakubjanov was traveling to Andijan to prepare a report for the radio project “Dolina Mira” (Valley of Peace), which is supported by the Danish media organization International Media Support (IMS). Border guards detained him, claiming he tried to interview them without proper accreditation, IMS representative Michael Andersen told CPJ.

Yakubjanov was later transferred to a Security Services (SNB) detention center in the capital, Tashkent, and kept there until July 29, when authorities released him without explanation. “Dolina Mira,” a series of radio reports focusing on life in the Ferghana Valley, is jointly prepared by Kyrgyz, Tajik and Uzbek journalists. The project has been well-received by listeners in all three countries, particularly since Uzbek authorities have censored information from the northeast city of Andijan after unrest on May 13. Security forces opened fire on antigovernment demonstrators in Andijan that day, killing hundreds of civilians.