JULY 20, 2005
Posted: August 17, 2005

Gopal Baskota, Drishti Weekly

Baskota, the executive editor of the Kathmandu-based weekly Drishti, and editor and publisher of the weekly Shambhu Shrestha, received threatening phone calls.

Baskota said he is unsure of the reason behind the threats. Local sources told the CPJ Drishti often covers issues dealing with crime and corruption. Both the Maoists and the government security forces denied involvement in the threats.

Three unidentified men had been in Baskota’s neighborhood in Lokanthali earlier in the week, inquiring about his whereabouts, Shambhu Shrestha reported.

On July 22, an inspector from the Nepali Police force visited Baskota’s residence and offered protection. Local news reports say the editor declined protection.