Posted September 8, 2005

Eddy Péhé, Le Nouveau Réveil

Péhé, editor of pro-opposition daily Le Nouveau Réveil, told CPJ that he had received death threats over the phone from anonymous callers who accused him of supporting the rebels that have controled the northern half of Ivory Coast since 2002. Péhé said he believed the threats were related to his work. He said he had informed government and UN authorities but that nothing had been done so far to ensure his security.

In July, a pro-government militia known as the Young Patriots disrupted distribution of private newspapers, including Le Nouveau Réveil, and threatened staff. Last November, during a political crisis, the Young Patriots attacked some of the same papers. The militia torched the offices of private newspapers Le Patriote and 24 Heures, disrupting publication and causing the papers to relocate temporarily.