JULY 13, 2005
Posted: July 21, 2005

The Tribune

The government-controlled Media and Information Commission (MIC) refused to allow the independent weekly The Tribune to reopen, after suspending it for one year in June 2004 for allegedly violating Zimbabwe’s repressive Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (known as AIPPA).

The commission denied The Tribune a license on financial grounds, stating that the newspaper had failed to show that it had enough capital to resume publication, according to the local chapter of the Media Institute for Southern Africa (MISA). The paper’s publisher, Kindness Paradza, says that the newspaper has sufficient financial backing, MISA reported.

An appeal against the newspaper’s suspension was launched in 2004, and is still pending, according to MISA.

For more information on The Tribune, see CPJ’s June 2004 letter: http://www.cpj.org/protests/04ltrs/Zim15jun04pl.html