JULY 7, 2005
Posted: July 18, 2005

Enamul Kabir, Janakantha
Several other photographers


At least nine photojournalists from national publications were injured, some of them seriously, in the capital, Dhaka, while protesting the alleged mistreatment of their colleagues at the hands of National Security Intelligence (NSI) personnel earlier in the day.

Two photographers of the daily Janakantha were brought into custody and physically abused in the early afternoon after one, Enamul Kabir, took pictures of the outside of the NSI facility, according to local reporters. When colleagues gathered in protest outside the offices, NSI officers beat them in full view of local police, one of the injured reporters told the Dhaka-based newspaper The Daily Star.

Journalists across Bangladesh protested the violence. “We want an end to attacks on journalists,” A.K.M. Mohsin, president of the Bangladesh Photo Journalists’ Association, told The Daily Star.