APRIL 15, 2005
Posted: May 3, 2005

All private radio, television journalists


The High Audiovisual and Communications Authority (known by its French acronym, HAAC) issued a directive saying private broadcasters may not “carry out any media coverage” of the presidential candidates ahead of the April 24 vote. The HAAC directive also states that “private radio and television stations are not authorized during the election campaign to organize special programs or on-air debates featuring candidates or their representatives.”

Four local media organizations issued a statement in protest, calling the HAAC’s decision unconstitutional.

On February 11, at least four private radio stations and one private television station were suspended at the request of the HAAC, after they aired critical debates and interviews on the political situation following Gnassingbé Eyadema’s death. The stations were later allowed to resume broadcasting.

On March 30, the HAAC warned private radio station Nana FM to stop airing biweekly editorial commentary by veteran journalist and media activist Daniel Lawson-Drackey, the journalist told CPJ.