FEBRUARY 14, 2005
Updated: March 10, 2005

Radio Carré Jeunes
Télévision Zion


Togolese authorities shuttered privately owned Radio Carré Jeunes and religious broadcaster Télévision Zion, citing alleged unpaid administrative fees. Togo’s Telecommunication and Postal Services’ regulatory agency claimed that the stations, which are based in the capital, Lomé, owed the equivalent of thousands of dollars’ in unpaid broadcasting fees.

The order came three days after security forces, accompanied by representatives of the regulatory agency, ordered shut several private broadcasters known for their critical political commentary, also citing alleged unpaid administrative fees. Later on February 11, a Lomé court ordered those stations’ suspension for one month, accusing them of inciting “civil disobedience” and “racial hatred” on the air.

The closures come amid a backdrop of growing unrest in the capital following the death of Gnassingbé Eyadema, who had ruled the country for 38 years, and the army’s swift move to install one of his sons, Faure Gnassingbé, as president in defiance of the constitution.

On February 18, Radio Carré Jeunes and Télévision Zion were allowed back on the air.