MAY 3, 2004
Posted: June 10, 2005

Mohamed Halane, HornAfrik
Nuradin Mualin Muktar, and

Halane, a reporter for private radio HornAfrik and Mualin, an online journalist, were injured in a huge blast at a Mogadishu stadium, where they were covering a rally by Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi. At least 15 people were killed in the blast and dozens were injured, according to news reports.

Gedi, who was not harmed, said the explosion was accidental. He told the BBC that a security guard had accidentally set off a grenade. This was his first visit to the Somali capital after being appointed last year by a peace conference in Kenya. Gedi’s tour was designed to boost support for his transitional federal administration and end a dispute among lawmakers about where and when the Somali government, now based in Kenya, should relocate.

Managers at HornAfrik told CPJ that Halane, who was struck in the leg by shrapnel, returned to work on May 23. Mualin also recovered from his injuries, according to CPJ sources.