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2012 prison census: 232 journalists jailed worldwide

232 journalists jailed worldwide As of December 1, 2012 Analysis: A record high | Video: Free the press | Audio: From a Cuban prisonCPJ Blog: Turkey’s path forward | Rwanda’s injustice

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Burundi journalist detained by security agents

New York, November 30, 2011–The Committee to Protect Journalists is gravely concerned by the ongoing detention of a radio journalist in Burundi since Monday.

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CPJ Impact

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News from the Committee to Protect Journalists, February 2013 CPJ launches 2013 edition of Attacks on the Press An unprecedented rise in the number of journalists killed and imprisoned in the past year coupled with restrictive legislation and state censorship is jeopardizing independent reporting in many countries, according to Attacks on the Press, CPJ’s yearly…

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2011 prison census: 179 journalists jailed worldwide

As of December 1, 2011    |   » Read the accompanying report, “Journalist imprisonments jump worldwide, and Iran is worst”

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