Attacks on the Press

2016 Edition | Gender and Media Freedom Worldwide

Introduction: Breaking the Silence

by Joel Simon

Some of the information we need to make sense of a complex world is missing.

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The Sadness of May the 25th

by Jineth Bedoya Lima

A Colombian journalist recounts the rape that led to her activism.

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My ISIS Social Network

by Alessandria Masi

Surprising insights come from engaging the militant group as a single, female, non-Muslim journalist.

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Why a Troll Trolls

by Elisabeth Witchel on May 4, 2016

Female journalists are subject to severe abuse online. Who is behind it?

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Preparing for the Worst

by Karen Coates

Gender-specific security training is increasingly viewed as essential.

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LGBT Reporting in Africa

by Jake Naughton

A gay photographer finds that his identity opens doors, even as it could bring danger

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Double Exposure

by Jessica Jerreat

The perils of being a transgender journalist.

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The Progression of Hate

by Michelle Ferrier

A personal column leads to death threats, foreshadowing online harassment-and a plan to fight back.

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The Struggle for Candid Interviews

by Erin Banco

Fighters lie to a young female reporter. Women are more open, but only children tell the truth.

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Combating Digital Harassment

by Dunja Mijatović

How policymakers can help reduce gender-based threats.

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Responding to Internet Abuse

by Courtney C. Radsch

What should journalists do when they are threatened or attacked online?

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Heroines for Press Freedom

by María Salazar-Ferro

Four women campaign for justice in the disappearance, killing, or imprisonment of journalists.

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Fighting Words

by Kerry Paterson

Journalism is vital to bringing justice to survivors of sexual violence

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Women on the Frontlines: Watch a panel discussion about gender-related threats to journalists.

Harassed and Jailed

by Arzu Geybullayeva

The case of a prominent investigative reporter in Azerbaijan.

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Males Preferred

by Yaqiu Wang

The role of female journalists in China is growing, but women are still discriminated against.

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From High Profile to Exile

by Preethi Nallu

Female journalists forced to flee Libya cover the country from abroad

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Compassion, Strength, Hugs

by Kathleen Carroll

In the news industry, a leader needs all the tools she can muster.

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