Veronika Cherkasova

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Attacks on the Press 2007: Belarus

February 5, 2008 11:51 AM ET

BELARUS Authorities moved aggressively to control the Internet, introducing sweeping new restrictions that allow the government to monitor citizens’ use of the Web. President Aleksandr Lukashenko’s administration continued its practice of suppressing dissent—but paid a price in May when the...

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Attacks on the Press 2006: Europe and Central Asia Analysis

February 5, 2007 11:54 AM ET

Getting away with murder in the former Soviet states By Nina Ognianova The assassin in a baseball cap who gunned down Anna Politkovskaya outside her Moscow apartment used a silencer. But reverberations from the contract-style slaying of Russia's icon of...

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Attacks on the Press 2006: Belarus

February 5, 2007 11:42 AM ET

BELARUS Determined to forestall the kind of democratic uprising that toppled the government in neighboring Ukraine, authoritarian leader Aleksandr Lukashenko and his government crushed dissent in the run-up to the March presidential election—and well beyond. Official results showed that Lukashenko...

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Son of slain journalist Veronika Cherkasova released on bail

March 14, 2006 12:00 PM ET

New York, March 14, 2006—The Committee to Protect Journalists welcomes the release on bail of the 16-year-old son of murdered journalist Veronika Cherkasova. Anton Filimonov was freed Monday from the Minsk detention center where he had been held since December...

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Attacks on the Press 2005: Belarus

February 16, 2006 11:43 AM ET

BELARUS Belarusian dictator Aleksandr Lukashenko continued a systematic crackdown on independent media and nongovernmental organizations, further tightening control over domestic news ahead of the 2006 presidential election. Lukashenko consolidated internal power after a rigged October 2004 parliamentary election and accompanying...

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Belarusian election undermined by state abuses against media

February 10, 2006 12:00 PM ET

Moscow, February 10, 2006—The Belarusian government's persecution of the country's few independent newspapers undermines the integrity of the March 19 presidential election in which Aleksandr Lukashenko seeks a third term, the Committee to Protect Journalists and two regional press freedom...

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Prosecutors drop probe into stabbing death of journalist

January 3, 2006 12:00 PM ET

New York, January 3, 2006—The Committee to Protect Journalists is deeply concerned that the Belarusian prosecutor's office has suspended an investigation of the murder of journalist Veronika Cherkasova. Local and international press reports said the authorities shelved the case on...

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Journalist found dead in apartment

October 20, 2005 12:00 PM ET

New York, October 20, 2005—Vasily Grodnikov, a freelancer who wrote for the Minsk opposition newspaper Narodnaya Volya, was found dead with a head wound in his apartment outside Minsk on Monday, local and international news agencies reported. CPJ is seeking...

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Attacks on the Press 2004: Belarus

March 14, 2005 11:43 AM ET

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko strangled the country's independent and opposition media in the months before deeply flawed October elections that returned his supporters to Parliament. The obedient state media flooded the capital, Minsk, and the countryside with pro-Lukashenko propaganda, vilifying...

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Journalist killed in her apartment

October 21, 2004 12:00 PM ET

New York, October 21, 2004—Well-known Belarusian journalist Veronika Cherkasova was killed in her apartment in the capital, Minsk, yesterday. Her body, which had multiple stab wounds, was found last night, according to local and international reports. Cherkasova, 44, had reported...

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