Tahar Djaout

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Attacks on the Press: Journalism and Religion

February 14, 2013 12:04 AM ET

Editors think twice, reporters do not dig deeply, columnists choose words carefully. By Jean-Paul Marthoz...

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58 Journalists Murdered in Algeria Since 1993

January 1, 1999 12:03 PM ET

Updated January 1, 1999Tahar Djaout, Ruptures, May 26, 1993Rabah Zenati, Algerian State Television (ENTV), August 3, 1993Abdelhamid Benmeni, Algérie-Actualité, August 9, 1993Saad Bakhtaoui, El-Minbar, September 9, 1993Abderrahmane Chergou, PAGS party paper, September 28, 1993...

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Omar Ouartilan

October 3, 1995 12:00 AM ET

Ouartilan, editor-in-chief of the independent Arabic-language daily El-Khabar, was shot to death at a newsstand near his home in the Belcourt district of Algiers on his way to work at the nearby Maison de la Presse Tahar Djaout. Despite...

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