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Attacks on the Press: Journalism and Religion

Editors think twice, reporters do not dig deeply, columnists choose words carefully. By Jean-Paul Marthoz

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58 Journalists Murdered in Algeria Since 1993

Updated January 1, 1999

Tahar DjaoutRuptures, May 26, 1993
Rabah Zenati, Algerian State Television (ENTV), August 3, 1993
Abdelhamid BenmeniAlgérie-Actualité, August 9, 1993
Saad BakhtaouiEl-Minbar, September 9, 1993
Abderrahmane Chergou, PAGS party paper, September 28, 1993


Omar Ouartilan

Ouartilan, editor-in-chief of the independent Arabic-language daily El-Khabar, was shot to death at a newsstand near his home in the Belcourt district of Algiers on his way to work at the nearby Maison de la Presse Tahar Djaout. Despite the death threats against all journalists, Ouartilan refused protection and would not change the route he took between his home and office.

October 3, 1995 12:00 AM ET


3 results