Hansi Krauss

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Dangerous Assignments   |   Algeria, Bosnia, China, Colombia, Cuba, Ethiopia, Kuwait, Myanmar, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, Somalia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Vietnam, Yugoslavia

More journalists jailed than ever

CPJ's 1995 report surveys 101 countries

The bullet-ridden wall pictured on the cover is a detail from a photograph taken in Somalia by American photojournalist Dan Eldon of Reuters. Eldon, Associated Press photojournalist Hansi Krauss, and Reuter colleagues Hosea Maina and Anthony Macharia were murdered in July 1993 by a Somali crowd angered by the death of 50 countrymen in an air raid on Gen. Mohamed Farah Aidid's command post. Reuters/Dan Eldon
May 3, 1996 8:17 PM ET


2 results