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In China, a debate on press rights

Chinese journalists are speaking out more often to protest attacks, harassment, and arrests. The discussion of press rights—and the central government’s stance—may foretell the future of broader reforms in China. A CPJ special report by Madeline Earp

Chinese journalists, seen here at a police roadblock, are contesting harassment more publicly. (AP)

Reports   |   China

Video: Newsroom confrontation in China

A local TV news outlet shows a confrontation between BaWang International representatives and journalists at the National Business Daily's Shanghai bureau over the paper's coverage. The video was posted to the Chinese video-sharing website

National Business Daily responded assertively to the confrontation, eliciting an apology from BaWang. Read more about Chinese journalists defending their colleagues in CPJ’s special report "In China, a debate on press rights."

October 19, 2010 12:01 AM ET


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