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Cut It Out: Notes from An Azerbaijani Censor

A 1993 censor's log book, revealing the interplay between censors and the cuts they made, has been circulating among Baku editors. Some extracts from the purloined document:
³An article cut from Azadliq. It said that S. Husseinov demanded the resignation of President Aliyev at his press conference at Ganja. If you see such information in other newspapers, cut it out immediately.
March 2, 1998 8:17 PM ET


Reports   |   Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Turkey

Censorship While You Wait: An Azerbaijani Newspaper Struggles to Stay Alive

At 25, Gunduz M. Tairli is a chain - smoking, ink - stained journalist. His face is angular; his expression intense. He is also chief editor of Azadliq, one of Baku's most popular newspapers, and the organ of the opposition Popular Front party. Putting out Azadliq is a daily struggle for Tairli, who labors 12 hours a day, six days a week for the equivalent of $50 a month.
March 2, 1998 8:17 PM ET


2 results