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Attacks on the Press   |   Colombia

Attacks on the Press 2002: Colombia

Colombia's civil conflict once again took a brutal toll on the country's press, with journalists threatened, attacked, kidnapped, and murdered. At least three journalists were killed for their work in 2002, and CPJ continues to investigate the slayings of five others whose deaths may have been related to their reporting. At year's end, Colombia's overburdened justice system appeared far from solving any of these murders, perpetuating a climate of impunity that leaves the media wide open to attacks.

Attacks on the Press   |   Colombia

Attacks on the Press 2001: Colombia

The Colombian press remained in the cross fire of an escalating, decades-old civil conflict pitting two major leftist guerrilla groups against the Colombian army and right-wing paramilitary forces. While peace negotiations slowly moved forward at the beginning of 2002, the conflict continued to take a deadly toll on journalists and sent many into hiding. At least three journalists were killed for their work in 2001. CPJ continues to investigate the deaths of five others whose murders may have been professionally related.

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37 journalists killed for their work in 2001

New York, January 3, 2002--A total of 37 journalists were killed worldwide as a direct result of their work in 2001, a sharp increase from 2000 when 24 were killed, according to CPJ research. At least 25 were murdered, almost all with impunity.

The dramatic rise is mainly due to the war in Afghanistan, where eight journalists were killed in the line of duty covering the US-led military campaign and a ninth journalist died of wounds sustained there two years ago. This was the highest death toll recorded for a single country since 1999, when 10 journalists were killed in Sierra Leone.

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37 periodistas asesinados por su trabajo en el 2001

Nueva York, 3 de enero de 2002
-- Un total de 37 periodistas fueron asesinados en todo el mundo como resultado directo de su labor en el 2001, un brusco incremento en relación con el año 2000, cuando 24 fueron asesinados, según las investigaciones del Comité para la Protección de los Periodistas (CPJ, por sus siglas en inglés). Por lo menos 25 de ellos fueron asesinados, casi todos con impunidad.

El dramático aumento se debe principalmente a la guerra en Afganistán, donde ocho periodistas murieron cumpliendo su deber al cubrir la campaña militar encabezada por los Estados Unidos, y un noveno periodista murió de heridas que recibió en ese país hace dos años. Este es el mayor saldo de víctimas que se haya registrado en un solo país desde 1999, cuando 10 periodistas fueron asesinados en Sierra Leona.

Alerts   |   Colombia

Journalists threatened by paramilitaries

Bogotá, November 20, 2001—Four journalists have fled their homes in the southern Colombian department of Nariño after receiving death threats from a right-wing paramilitary faction that accused them of collaborating with rival leftist guerrillas.

The letter, signed by the Southern Liberators Front of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC), accused three reporters and a cameraman of giving government information to the National Liberation Army, known as the ELN, and the larger Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC.

November 20, 2001 12:00 PM ET


Alerts   |   Colombia


New York, July 11, 2001—In a tragic week for the Colombian press, three local broadcast journalists have been murdered in the violence-plagued country since July 4. CPJ is investigating all three deaths to determine whether the journalists were killed because of their work.

"In the interests of press freedom and simple justice, CPJ will investigate possible motives behind all murders of journalists in Colombia," said executive director Ann Cooper. "We urge all sides in the civil war to refrain from these senseless attacks on the press."

Dangerous Assignments   |   Colombia, Peru, Spain, Switzerland

Colombia Briefing: Bad Press

This Colombian warlord cultivates journalists. He also murders them. For Carlos Castaño, it's all about image.

Alerts   |   Colombia

Police defuse bomb outside Communist Party newspaper office

Bogotá, May 21, 2001 --- Police bomb disposal experts defused a "cluster" bomb packed into a Chevrolet Luv pick-up truck outside the offices of the Communist Party newspaper Voz in downtown Bogotá today, a police spokesman said.

The 550-pound bomb was placed directly outside the Voz offices in Bogotá's central Teusaquillo district and concealed among a load of oranges and bananas. It was not immediately clear what group or individual may have been behind the attempted bombing.
May 21, 2001 12:00 PM ET


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