Serbia: 1999

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News on Yugoslavia

1999 17-June-99  CPJ update: Correspondents Shot in Kosovo; Yugoslav Army Harassment Continues in Montenegro; While Exiled Daily Distributes in Pristina. British journalists injured in Kosovo attack 14-June-99 CPJ Update:German Journalists Killed in Kosovo 09-June-99 CPJ Update: Two Journalists Escape, While One Faces Trial in Yugoslavia 12-May-99 CPJ Update: Journalists Caught in the Crossfire 27-April-99 CPJ Update: Milosevic regime tightens…

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CPJ Protests on Yugoslavia

1999 23-April-99 State-run Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS) Target of NATO Missle Attack

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Propaganda War in Serbia

“When the bombs began falling in Yugoslavia on March 24, the seven Serb journalists who happened to be visiting our offices in New York during a tour of the United States all ran for the phones. They were worried about the families they had left behind, but they also feared for the survival of Serbia’s…

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Turkey: Criminal Prosecutions of Journalists

Research Conducted in July 1999

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