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Country Summaries
Country Summaries
Country Summaries
Country Summaries
LEBANON: CPJ condemns killing of Al-Nahar columnist and manager
POSTED December 12, 2005

YEMEN: Journalist attacked twice in one week amid worsening press freedom crisis
POSTED December 9, 2005

YEMEN: Soldiers intimidate newspaper
POSTED December 7, 2005

IRAN: CPJ mourns devastating plane crash
POSTED December 6, 2005

EGYPT: Journalists covering elections harassed and attacked
POSTED December 2, 2005

YEMEN: Authorities crack down on opposition papers
POSTED December 1, 2005

UNITED STATES: Bush, Blair should set the record straight on leaked Al-Jazeera threat
POSTED November 23, 2005

YEMEN: CPJ urges Yemeni president to take action against attacks
POSTED November 16, 2005

TUNISIA: French journalist stabbed
POSTED November 14, 2005

TUNISIA: CPJ protests government's wanted list of journalists
POSTED November 11, 2005

ISRAEL: CPJ calls on IDF to investigate attack on cameraman
POSTED November 4, 2005

YEMEN: Government fails to seriously investigate cameraman's beating
POSTED November 4, 2005

UNITED STATES: Detained Al-Jazeera cameraman allegedly asked to inform on station
POSTED October 26, 2005

IRAQ: Journalists' hotel attacked in Baghdad
POSTED October 24, 2005

IRAQ: Guardian reporter freed in Baghdad; Iraqi journalist killed
POSTED October 20, 2005

IRAQ: Guardian correspondent abducted in Baghdad
POSTED October 19, 2005

IRAN: Kurdish editor sentenced to one year in jail
POSTED October 19, 2005

IRAQ: CPJ alarmed that journalists come under U.S. fire near Baghdad "Green Zone"
POSTED October 14, 2005

GAZA: Two foreign journalists briefly abducted
POSTED October 12, 2005

TURKEY: Journalist convicted on charge of ‘insulting Turkish identity'
POSTED October 12, 2005

LEBANON: CPJ urges UN to expand Lebanon inquiry to include journalist attacks
POSTED October 11, 2005

TUNISIA: Imprisoned journalist's health said to deteriorate
POSTED September 30, 2005

IRAQ/UNITED STATES: U.S. military to address concerns for safety of Iraqi journalists
POSTED September 29, 2005

IRAQ: Iraqi journalists routinely jailed by U.S. forces
POSTED September 28, 2005

LEBANON: TV anchor, a Syria critic, injured in bomb attack
POSTED September 26, 2005

TUNISIA: Journalist wages second hunger strike in five months
POSTED September 23, 2005

IRAQ: TV engineer killed in Mosul
POSTED September 22, 2005

IRAQ: Iraqi editor slain in Mosul, continuing a deadly trend
POSTED September 21, 2005

IRAQ: Two Iraqi journalists kidnapped and murdered in separate attacks
POSTED September 20, 2005

IRAQ: CPJ study finds U.S. military consistently fails to probe journalist killings
Full analysis
POSTED September 14, 2005

IRAQ: Reuters cameraman freed but U.S. still holds other journalists
POSTED August 31, 2005

IRAQ: Reuters soundman killed by U.S. troops in Baghdadss
POSTED August 29, 2005

TUNISIA: Government harrasses independent journalists group
POSTED August 25, 2005

YEMEN: CPJ urges justice in editor's abduction, assault
POSTED August 25, 2005

IRAQ: Reuters journalist held without charge by U.S. military
POSTED August 24, 2005

ISRAEL: Kidnapped French TV soundman freed
POSTED August 22, 2005

GAZA: French television soundman seized
POSTED August 15, 2005

EGYPT: Two years after an editor's disappearance, no answers and few details
POSTED August 11, 2005

IRAQ: American journalist murdered in Basra
POSTED August 3, 2005

IRAN: CPJ concerned about health of jailed writer
POSTED July 18, 2005

IRAQ: Al-Iraqiya crew attacked by gunmen
POSTED July 15, 2005

IRAQ: Al-Iraqiya journalist abducted, killed in Mosul
POSTED July 5, 2005

IRAQ: Knight Ridder correspondent killed
POSTED June 30, 2005

IRAQ: CPJ alarmed by journalist deaths, detentions at hands of U.S., Iraqi forces
POSTED June 29, 2005

IRAQ: Al-Arabiya correspondent seriously injured in shooting
POSTED June 21, 2005

IRAQ: Checkpoints lack basic safety measures
POSTED June 17, 2005

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Dubai-based journalist detained, harassed
POSTED June 17, 2005

EGYPT: CPJ disturbed by reports of intimidation
POSTED June 16, 2005

LIBYA: CPJ urges 'thorough, credible' probe into journalist's death
POSTED June 15, 2005

SUDAN: Khartoum Monitor's license canceled
POSTED June 14, 2005

IRAQ: French journalist, Iraqi interpreter freed after five months in captivity
POSTED June 13, 2005

IRAN: Penn's video camera briefly seized
POSTED June 13, 2005

JORDAN: Government harassment, censorship draw concern
POSTED June 9, 2005

LIBYA: Body of missing journalist found
POSTED June 6, 2005

LEBANON: Journalist assassinated in car bombing
POSTED June 2, 2005

IRAN: Journalist released from prison
POSTED May 31, 2005

EGYPT: Journalists assaulted while covering rally
POSTED May 27, 2005

ALGERIA: CPJ urges president to halt criminal defamation prosecutions
POSTED May 25, 2005

QATAR: CPJ releases Arabic version of security guide
POSTED May 23, 2005

QATAR: At safety conference, CPJ issues report on deaths of journalists
POSTED May 23, 2005

IRAQ: Romanian journalists and translator released
POSTED May 23, 2005

IRAQ: Two journalists and their driver killed
POSTED May 17, 2005

EGYPT: Al-Jazeera crew detained while covering judges' meeting in Cairo
POSTED May 13, 2005

IRAQ: CPJ calls on U.S., Iraqi authorities to explain journalist detentions
POSTED May 12, 2005

SUDAN: U.S. photographer released after two weeks in custody
POSTED May 11, 2005

SUDAN: Journalist charged, threatened after story on prophet
POSTED May 5, 2005

IRAQ: Baghdad shooting highlights checkpoint shortcomings
POSTED May 2, 2005

SUDAN: American photographer detained
POSTED April 27, 2005

IRAQ: CPJ issues statement about investigation into checkpoint shooting
POSTED April 27, 2005

IRAQ: Iraqi cameraman killed in Mosul gun battle
POSTED April 25, 2005

IRAQ: Captors threaten to kill Romanian journalists
POSTED April 22, 2005

YEMEN: CPJ seeks release of Yemeni media workers
POSTED April 21, 2005

TUNISIA: Imprisoned journalist on hunger strike
POSTED April 19, 2005

EGYPT: Three journalists sentenced to prison
POSTED April 18, 2005

IRAQ: Two Iraqi journalists killed in Baghdad bombing
POSTED April 15, 2005

ISRAEL: Army to take no action against officer in journalist's death
POSTED April 14, 2005

MOROCCO: Journalist forbidden to report for 10 years
POSTED April 12, 2005

IRAQ: In Mosul, Iraqi freelancer wounded by U.S. fire
POSTED April 6, 2005

IRAQ: Al-Arabiya cameraman detained for more than a week
POSTED April 6, 2005

ISRAEL: CPJ protests prosecution of former nuclear technician
POSTED April 4, 2005

IRAN: Doctor says journalist in custody was tortured and raped before her death
POSTED April 1, 2005

IRAQ: Romanian journalists and translator appear on videotape
POSTED March 31, 2005

IRAQ: Three Romanian journalists abducted in Baghdad
POSTED March 29, 2005

YEMEN: President pardons jailed editor
POSTED March 23, 2005

IRAQ: Pentagon won't reopen inquiry into Reuters' abuse allegations
POSTED March 22, 2005

YEMEN: Court upholds sentence against imprisoned journalist
POSTED March 22, 2005

MAURITANIA: Journalist detained
POSTED March 16, 2005

TUNISIA: CPJ mourns the death of a cyber-dissident
POSTED March 14, 2005

IRAQ: Cameraman killed
POSTED March 14, 2005

BAHRAIN: Blogger and two technicians detained
POSTED March 11, 2005

ISRAEL: No criminal charges for IDF soldier in journalist's shooting death
POSTED March 9, 2005

IRAQ: CPJ urges 'vigorous' investigation into Baghdad shooting
POSTED March 8, 2005

YEMEN: Lawyers for imprisoned journalist assaulted
POSTED March 8, 2005

IRAQ: Freed Italian journalist wounded by coalition fire
POSTED March 4, 2005

IRAQ: Abducted French reporter pleads for help in video
POSTED March 1, 2005

IRAQ: Kidnapped journalist killed
POSTED February 28, 2005

IRAN: Internet writers imprisoned, harassment continues
POSTED February 24, 2005

IRAQ: Indonesian journalists released
POSTED February 22, 2005

COMMENTARY: CNN's Jordan is gone, but questions remain over U.S. security record in Iraq By Joel Campagna

IRAQ: Gunmen seize Indonesian TV journalists
POSTED February 18, 2005

IRAQ: Captors release video of kidnapped Italian journalist
POSTED February 16, 2005

KUWAIT: Prime minister threatens to censor newspapers
POSTED February 10, 2005

IRAQ: In Gunmen kill Iraqi reporter, young son in Basra
POSTED February 9, 2005

YEMEN: CPJ delegation meets with Yemeni ambassador
POSTED February 8, 2005

IRAQ: Italian journalist abducted
POSTED February 4, 2005

MOROCCO: CPJ protests newspapers' suspension
POSTED January 27, 2005

SAUDI ARABIA: Editor's detention draws protests, questions
POSTED January 21, 2005

YEMEN: CPJ alarmed by criminal convictions of journalists
POSTED January 14, 2005

IRAQ: Journalist remains missing in Iraq
POSTED January 10, 2005

KUWAIT: Al-Arabiya correspondent arrested after news report
POSTED January 7, 2005

ISRAEL AND THE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES: CPJ calls for investigation into shooting of journalist in Gaza Strip
POSTED January 5, 2005

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