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Country Summaries
Country Summaries
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UZBEKISTAN: Accreditation of last indepedent foreign broadcast withheld
POSTED December 12, 2005

TAJIKISTAN: Authorities ignore second Supreme Court order to free journalist
POSTED December 9, 2005

CROATIA: Newspaper editor receives death threat for reporting on war crimes
POSTED December 8, 2005

BELARUS: CPJ condemns draft law to silence government criticism
POSTED December 7, 2005

RUSSIA: Preliminary hearing held in Klebnikov murder trial
POSTED December 6, 2005

RUSSIA: TV anchor taken off air for critical news reporting
POSTED November 28, 2005

RUSSIA: Klebnikov murder suspects to be tried in secret
POSTED November 22, 2005

UZBEKISTAN: CPJ condemns attack on independent journalist
POSTED November 10, 2005

AZERBAIJAN: CPJ condemns press abuses during election
POSTED November 09, 2005

UKRAINE: European court holds government liable in Gongadze case
POSTED November 9, 2005

UZBEKISTAN: CPJ condems harassment of BBC and foreign media
POSTED October 26, 2005

BELARUS: Journalist found dead in apartment
POSTED October 20, 2005

TAJIKISTAN: Journalist still behind bars despite Supreme Court release order
POSTED October 19, 2005

RUSSIA: CPJ protests official harassment of independent newspaper reporting on Chechnya war
POSTED October 17, 2005

CROATIA: Journalist released from prison; pleads not guilty at UN tribunal
POSTED October 14, 2005

TAJIKISTAN: Journalist released from prison after court ruling
POSTED October 12, 2005

CROATIA: Journalist arrested; facing extradition to UN war crimes tribunal
POSTED October 7, 2005

UKRAINE: Journalist beaten and warned to halt investigation
POSTED October 7, 2005

RUSSIA: Journalist released after serving criminal libel sentence
POSTED September 28, 2005

KAZAKHSTAN: As vote nears, six papers blocked from publishing
POSTED September 27, 2005

UZBEKISTAN: CPJ demands end to government's media crackdown
POSTED September 22, 2005

UKRAINE: Inquiry names Kuchma as mastermind in Gongadze murder
POSTED September 22, 2005

RUSSIA: European court to hear Russian journalist murder case
POSTED September 21, 2005

UZBEKISTAN: CPJ condemns closure of Internews
POSTED September 12, 2005

RUSSIA: Radio Liberty reporter barred from Beslan anniversary
POSTED September 1, 2005

UZBEKISTAN: Reporter jailed for "insulting" security officer
POSTED August 30, 2005

TAJIKISTAN: Editor of independent weekly sentenced to two years corrective labor
POSTED August 25, 2005

RUSSIA: Journalist sentenced to five years in prison camp released
POSTED August 24, 2005

RUSSIA: Court upholds two-year prison sentence for journalist
POSTED August 16, 2005

UZBEKISTAN: Authorities deport Russian journalist
POSTED August 15, 2005

UZBEKISTAN: Russian journalist detained at arrival in Tashkent
POSTED August 12, 2005

BELARUS: Polish photojournalist expelled, banned from Belarus for five years
POSTED August 8, 2005

UZBEKISTAN: Court convicts Internews staffers, rejects office closure
POSTED August 5, 2005

RUSSIA: CPJ calls on Foreign Minister to reverse ABC decision
POSTED August 4, 2005

RUSSIA: Kremlin moves to bar ABC from reporting in Russia
POSTED August 2, 2005

UKRAINE: Prosecutor says Gongadze probe moves to new phase
POSTED August 2, 2005

UZBEKISTAN: Uzbek leader urged to end harassment of independent press
POSTED August 1, 2005

RUSSIA: Foreign Ministry summons U.S. diplomat after ABC report
POSTED July 29, 2005

TAJIKISTAN: Journalist sentenced to two years in prison
POSTED July 29, 2005

SERBIA & MONTENEGRO: Belgrade broadcaster forced to evacuate following threat
POSTED July 15, 2005

RUSSIA: CPJ seeks investigation into cameraman's death at drag-race site
POSTED July 14, 2005

RUSSIA: CPJ urges Putin to end 'era of impunity' in journalist murders
Moscow Declaration
July 8, 2005

RUSSIA: Editor hospitalized after beating by two attackers
POSTED July 6 , 2005

BELARUS: Opposition daily hit by three libel judgments
POSTED July 5, 2005

RUSSIA: Russian journalist assassinated in Dagestan
POSTED June 30, 2005

RUSSIA: Russian reports say journalist murdered; police investigators are suspects
POSTED June 28, 2005

RUSSIA: Court imposes prison term in defamation case
POSTED June 24, 2005

SERBIA & MONTENEGRO: CPJ gravely concerned about threat against editor
POSTED June 23, 2005

AZERBAIJAN: Opposition photojournalist dies six months after dispute
POSTED June 22, 2005

UZBEKISTAN: Correspondent detained, passport seized
POSTED June 20, 2005

RUSSIA: Prosecutors identify alleged mastermind in Klebnikov trial
POSTED June 16, 2005

RUSSIA: Court sentences journalist to five years in prison colony
POSTED June 15, 2005

UZBEKISTAN: Correspondent released after serving 'hooliganism' sentence
POSTED June 15, 2005

UZBEKISTAN: Journalist arrested in southern city
POSTED June 7, 2005

SERBIA & MONTENEGRO: Kosovo journalist shot
POSTED June 6, 2005

TAJIKISTAN: Journalist detained for 40 days without due process
POSTED June 3, 2005

RUSSIA: Polish TV crew detained in Ingushetia
POSTED June 1, 2005

ITALY: Police search Corriere della Sera newsroom
POSTED May 27, 2005

ALBANIA: CPJ urges assembly speaker to back defamation reform
POSTED May 23, 2005

UZBEKISTAN: Amid unrest, authorities continue obstructing journalists
POSTED May 16, 2005

UZBEKISTAN: Officials block news outlets amid massive protests
POSTED May 13, 2005

RUSSIA: Latvian TV crew detained, harassed
POSTED May 12, 2005

KAZAKHSTAN: Information Ministry orders closure of opposition weekly
POSTED May 10, 2005

UZBEKISTAN: CPJ protests ministry's harassment of foreign correspondent
POSTED May 10, 2005

AZERBAIJAN: Investigators name chief suspect in murder of opposition editor
POSTED May 4, 2005

BELARUS: Russian journalists released from jail after being arrested at rally
POSTED May 2, 2005

BELARUS: Two Russian journalists jailed after opposition rally
POSTED April 27, 2005

UZBEKISTAN: Independent journalist severely beaten
POSTED April 26, 2005

RUSSIA: Exiled editor of Kazakh opposition weekly detained for two days
POSTED April 25, 2005

UZBEKISTAN: Journalist held on charges of "anti-constitutional activity"
POSTED April 18, 2005

AZERBAIJAN: Arrests in the murder of opposition editor met with suspicion
POSTED April 8, 2005

BELARUS: Prosecutors reopen case of abducted journalist
POSTED April 8, 2005

UZBEKISTAN: Authorities launch criminal inquiry of Internews
POSTED April 6, 2005

UKRAINE: Prosecutor claims confessions in Gongadze case
POSTED April 5, 2005

CYPRUS: European Court faults investigation in case of murdered Cypriot journalist
POSTED March 31, 2005

AZERBAIJAN: Supreme Court rejects editor's appeal
POSTED March 31, 2005

KYRGYZSTAN: One journalist injured, another arrested
POSTED March 25, 2005

RUSSIA: Foreign Ministry accuses Swedish media of fomenting violence
POSTED March 25, 2005

RUSSIA: Russian court reduces financial penalty against independent daily
POSTED March 24, 2005

AZERBAIJAN: After outcry, president pardons imprisoned opposition editor
POSTED March 21, 2005

TURKMENISTAN: Russian correspondent forced to leave Ashgabat
POSTED March 16, 2005

RUSSIA: Supreme Court upholds acquittal in Kholodov murder case
POSTED March 16, 2005

RUSSIA: Authorities intensify persecution of independent newspaper
POSTED March 16, 2005

UKRAINE: Prosecutors report progress in Gongadze case
POSTED March 11, 2005

RUSSIA: Supreme Court examines complaints in Kholodov murder case
POSTED March 10, 2005

UKRAINE: Former minister implicated in Gongadze case found dead
POSTED March 4, 2005

RUSSIA: CPJ seeks to halt intimidation in Chechnya
POSTED March 4, 2005

AZERBAIJAN: Editor of opposition weekly gunned down
POSTED March 2, 2005

UKRAINE: Yushchenko reports breakthrough in Gongadze murder
POSTED March 1, 2005

KYRGYZSTAN: Days before parliamentary elections, Kyrgyzstan radio station closed
POSTED February 25, 2005

RUSSIA: CPJ urges Bush to highlight Russian press abuses in Putin summit
POSTED February 24, 2005

RUSSIA: Belarus extradites suspects in Klebnikov slaying, Russian Prosecutor-General charges one in the murder
POSTED February 23, 2005

RUSSIA: Interior Ministry says journalist will not be deported
POSTED February 22, 2005

RUSSIA: CPJ urges Bush to highlight Russian press abuses in Putin summit
POSTED February 22, 2005

RUSSIA: Journalist's deportation delayed
POSTED February 16, 2005

RUSSIA: CPJ concerned about journalist's pending deportation
POSTED February 15, 2005

CROATIA: Journalists demand inquiry into alleged abuses by security agency
POSTED February 10, 2005

RUSSIA: Authorities issue warning to newspaper over Chechnya interview
POSTED February 9, 2005

AZERBAIJAN: Journalist abducted, threatened by military officers
POSTED February 3, 2005

UKRAINE: CPJ urges vigorous investigations, reforms
POSTED January 31, 2005

RUSSIA: CPJ disturbed that journalist's appeal denied
POSTED January 21, 2005

AZERBAIJAN: Assets of opposition newspaper frozen
POSTED January 7, 2005

RUSSIA: CPJ disturbed by ruling that newspaper must pay millions
POSTED January 4, 2005

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