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Country Summaries

Country Summaries
Country Summaries
Country Summaries
CHINA: Detention of Straits Times journalist Ching Cheong extended
POSTED December 12, 2005

CAMBODIA: Government intensifies crackdown on freedom of expression
POSTED December 9, 2005

PHILIPPINES: CPJ welcomes Supreme Court decision to move murder trial venue
POSTED December 9, 2005

BANGLADESH: Journalists threatened by Islamic militants
POSTED December 8, 2005

AFGHANISTAN: CPJ calls on Karzai to free journalist Ali Mohaqiq Nasab
POSTED December 8, 2005

PHILIPPINES: Journalist gunned down in Cebu market
POSTED December 2, 2005

PAKISTAN: CPJ urges government to find kidnapped journalist quickly
POSTED December 5, 2005

PHILIPPINES: Journalist gunned down in Cebu market
POSTED December 2, 2005

BANGLADESH: Three journalists among those injured in bomb attack
POSTED December 1, 2005

NEPAL: Supreme Court allows radio news back on the air
POSTED November 30, 2005

PHILIPPINES: Ex-police officer convicted in Damalerio murder
POSTED November 29, 2005

NEPAL: Supreme Court stays suspension of independent radio station
POSTED November 29, 2005

NEPAL: CPJ condemns police raid on radio station
POSTED November 28, 2005

PHILIPPINES: Two journalists shot and killed in three days.
POSTED November 21, 2005

THAILAND: Prime minister intensifies threats against television commentator
POSTED November 18, 2005

CAMBODIA: CPJ condemns detention of journalist in letter to Hun Sen
POSTED November 18, 2005

BANGLADESH: Reporter found strangled to death
POSTED November 17, 2005

NEPAL: CPJ disturbed by court's failure to check repression of the media
POSTED November 11, 2005

THAILAND: Criminal charges threaten community radio stations
POSTED November 9, 2005

HONG KONG: CPJ condemns bomb attack on newspaper
POSTED November 7, 2005

NEPAL: Media law called "unconstitutional" in Supreme Court hearing
POSTED November 7, 2005

CHINA: On Journalists' Day, Shi Tao will be in a high-security prison
POSTED November 4, 2005

THAILAND: Newspaper publisher found murdered
POSTED November 3, 2005

VIETNAM: CPJ calls for the lifting of restrictions on prominent author
POSTED October 27, 2005

CHINA: Internet writer missing after reporting on steel worker protests
POSTED October 26, 2005

AFGHANISTAN: CPJ condemns editor's conviction, two year jail sentence.
POSTED October 24, 2005

NEPAL: Police raid on leading radio station called ‘outrageous'
POSTED October 24, 2005

CHINA: Journalist Ching Cheong imprisoned without lawyer for six months
POSTED October 21, 2005

PAKISTAN: CPJ mourns journalists killed in earthquake
POSTED October 18, 2005

SRI LANKA: Arsonist strike printing press as attacks escalate
POSTED October 17, 2005

NEPAL: International organizations condemn further restrictions on press freedom
POSTED October 17, 2005

AUSTRALIA: Contempt charges filed against two journalists
POSTED October 13, 2005

CAMBODIA: Prime minister muzzles popular broadcaster
POSTED October 12, 2005

THAILAND: Media activist testifies about 'climate of fear'
POSTED October 11, 2005

CHINA: Reporters attacked while covering political dispute in village
POSTED October 11, 2005

NEPAL: CPJ condemns repressive media law
POSTED October 11, 2005

AFGHANISTAN: Editor goes on trial for blasphemy
POSTED October 11, 2005

NEPAL: Journalist dies in jail after transfer to hospital is refused
POSTED October 5, 2005

PHILLIPINES: Reporter shot, seriously wounded, but spared when gun jams
POSTED October 4, 2005

THAILAND: Prime minister sues two journalists
POSTED October 4, 2005

CHINA: A popular Web forum is shuttered
POSTED October 3, 2005

AFGHANISTAN: Editor of women's rights magazine arrested
POSTED October 3, 2005

CHINA: Newspaper suspended after exposing mining accident cover-up
POSTED September 27, 2005

INDONESIA: Missing journalist case should be priority, CPJ urges
POSTED September 27, 2005

CHINA: Government tightens restrictions for online news and commentary
POSTED September 26, 2005

CHINA: Jail sentence for online writer, the third this year
POSTED September 22, 2005

CHINA: Internet writer's hunger strike reaches three weeks
POSTED September 21, 2005

NEPAL: Reporter arrested, 15 others flee
POSTED September 20, 2005

NEPAL: Mass arrests of journalists protesting media curbs
POSTED September 16, 2005

AFGHANISTAN: Journalist among three seized by unknown attackers
POSTED September 15, 2005

NEPAL: Police beat journalists covering protests
POSTED September 14, 2005

BANGLADESH: Islamic militants threaten journalists
POSTED September 8, 2005

CHINA: Yahoo gave e-mail account data used to imprison journalist
POSTED September 7, 2005

CHINA: Imprisoned Internet journalist on hunger strike
POSTED September 6, 2005

AFGHANISTAN: CPJ condemns journalist's arrest
POSTED September 6, 2005

SRI LANKA: CPJ condemns attacks on Tamil media
POSTED September 6, 2005

INDONESIA: CPJ calls for investigation into disappearance of journalist
POSTED September 2, 2005

NEPAL: CPJ alarmed by planned legal action against Kantipur
POSTED August 26, 2005

NEPAL: CPJ concerned by reports of editors' imminent arrest
POSTED August 25, 2005

CHINA: Imprisoned journalist Shi Tao's family files for review of appeal
POSTED August 25, 2005

PAKISTAN: Sindh bans three newspapers, editor jailed
POSTED August 23, 2005

THAILAND: CPJ concerned about delay in witness testimony in Thai trial
POSTED August 19, 2005

THAILAND: CPJ condemns criminal defamations charges against Bangkok Post
POSTED August 16, 2005

SRI LANKA: Tamil broadcaster killed with husband
POSTED August 16, 2005

THAILAND: Officials raid, close a critical Bangkok radio station
POSTED August 11, 2005

NEPAL: CPJ welcomes court decision in favor of FM station
POSTED August 11, 2005

TAIWAN: CPJ condemns shuttering of TV station
POSTED August 10, 2005

CHINA: China's use of national security charges raises alarm
POSTED August 8, 2005

PHILIPPINES: CPJ condemns threats against journalists
POSTED August 4, 2005

NEPAL: Government threatens to shutter radio station for airing news
POSTED August 4, 2005

SRI LANKA: CPJ alarmed by president's comments against senior journalist
POSTED August 3, 2005

CHINA: Internet essayist Zhang Lin sentenced to five years in prison
POSTED August 2, 2005

NEPAL: CPJ condemns harassment of journalists by Royal Nepalese Army
POSTED August 1, 2005

INDIA: Journalists injured in Kashmir gun battle
POSTED July 29, 2005

THAILAND: Thai company seeks massive damages in defamation cases
POSTED July 28, 2005

CHINA: Internet journalist jailed for defamation
POSTED July 26, 2005

VIETNAM: CPJ concerned about health of jailed Internet writer
POSTED July 25, 2005

PAKISTAN: Government raids several newspaper offices
POSTED July 20, 2005

THAILAND: CPJ condemns threats to media freedom
POSTED July 19, 2005

NEPAL: CPJ joins international community in calling for press freedom
POSTED July 18, 2005

BANGLADESH: Violent attacks on the press continue
POSTED July 14, 2005

AFGHANISTAN: CPJ welcomes the release of two radio reporters
POSTED July 11, 2005

AFGHANISTAN: CPJ alarmed by two detentions, seeks release
POSTED July 8, 2005

BURMA: Award winner is released; five journalists still in prison
POSTED July 6, 2005

PHILIPPINES: Radio broadcaster gunned down
POSTED July 5, 2005

AFGHANISTAN: Two journalists jailed in Kabul
POSTED July 5, 2005

CHINA: Court upholds ten-year sentence for Shi Tao
POSTED July 1, 2005

CHINA: Thousands of Chinese journalists appeal for release of colleagues
POSTED June 28, 2005

THAILAND: CPJ condemns censorship of two Web sites
POSTED June 28, 2005

PHILIPPINES: Journalist murders far from solved, mission finds
POSTED June 26, 2005

NEPAL: Authorities harass journalists for reporting on military
POSTED June 23, 2005

CHINA: Internet journalist tried on subversion charges
POSTED June 21, 2005

VIETNAM: CPJ urges Bush to press for release of Vietnamese journalists
POSTED June 20, 2005

AFGHANISTAN: Television journalists threatened
POSTED June 16, 2005

NEPAL: More journalists arrested as protests continue
POSTED June 13, 2005

NEPAL: Journalists injured amid continuing protests
POSTED June 10, 2005

NEPAL: Journalists freed; protests continue
POSTED June 9, 2005

NEPAL: Dozens of journalists arrested
POSTED June 8, 2005

BANGLADESH: Violence against the press on the rise
POSTED June 2, 2005

NEPAL: Journalists fight FM radio crackdown
POSTED June 2, 2005

CHINA: New accusations extend jail time for researcher
POSTED June 1, 2005

CHINA: Senior Hong Kong journalist detained
POSTED May 31, 2005

PAKISTAN: CPJ condemns Pakistani government’s ban on ads
POSTED May 27, 2005

NEPAL: Journalists protest as further media restrictions are reported
POSTED May 24, 2005

BANGLADESH: CPJ calls for charges against journalist to be dropped
POSTED May 24, 2005

AFGHANISTAN: Female television presenter murdered, colleague under threat
POSTED May 23, 2005

NEPAL: Journalist abducted and TV tower attacked
POSTED May 18, 2005

CHINA: Imprisoned journalist Jiang Weiping in ill health
POSTED May 17, 2005

SRI LANKA: Journalists receive death threats as tensions rise
POSTED May 12, 2005

PHILIPPINES: Two journalists murdered; CPJ protests mounting death toll
POSTED May 11, 2005

SINGAPORE: Filmmaker under investigation for banned documentary
POSTED May 10, 2005

CHINA: CPJ seeks reversal of journalist's 'state secret' conviction
POSTED May 6, 2005

INDONESIA: CPJ condemns use of criminal defamation law
POSTED May 6, 2005

SINGAPORE: Web log shuts down after government threat of legal action
POSTED May 5, 2005

PHILIPPINES: Radio journalist slain
POSTED May 4, 2005

PAKISTAN: Police attack journalists on World Press Freedom Day
POSTED May 3, 2005

CHINA: CPJ protests harassment of exiled journalist
POSTED May 3, 2005

CHINA: CPJ condemns 10-year sentence of journalist
POSTED May 2, 2005

BANGLADESH: Journalist released on bail after 17 months behind bars
POSTED May 2, 2005

CHINA: Journalist ordered not to receive UNESCO press freedom award
POSTED May 2, 2005

SRI LANKA: CPJ condemns murder of veteran journalist
POSTED April 29, 2005

NEPAL: CPJ condemns publisher's arrest
POSTED April 26, 2005

CHINA: Internet writer tried on anti-state charges
POSTED April 26, 2005

PAKISTAN: Journalist acquitted of treason charges
POSTED April 25, 2005

VIETNAM: Pre-anniversary harassment aims to silence dissident writers
POSTED April 25, 2005

PAKISTAN: CPJ condemns attacks on journalists covering opposition
POSTED April 19, 2005

BANGLADESH: French journalist detained on visa charges
POSTED April 18, 2005

NEPAL: King urged to release journalists, lift crackdown
POSTED April 12, 2005

PHILIPPINES: Radio broadcaster shot; suspects arrested in columnist's murder
POSTED April 12, 2005

NEPAL: Crackdown continues; journalist arrested
POSTED April 11, 2005

NEPAL: Government suspends ads in private media; three journalists detained
POSTED April 8, 2005

NEPAL: Editor dies of gunshot wounds
POSTED April 4, 2005

NEPAL: CPJ protests arrests of journalists
POSTED March 31, 2005

PHILIPPINES: Columnist gunned down
POSTED March 28, 2005

CHINA: Government prosecutes Internet writers
POSTED March 24, 2005

BANGLADESH: Wave of violence against press goes unchecked
POSTED March 22, 2005

BANGLADESH: Journalists found guilty of contempt
POSTED March 21, 2005

CHINA: CPJ calls for Times journalist's release on six-month anniversary of his imprisonment
POSTED March 16 , 2005

NEPAL: Police summon editor of country's largest newspaper
POSTED March 16, 2005

NEPAL: Provincial editor shot, seriously injured
POSTED March 15, 2005

BANGLADESH: Three journalists receive death threats
POSTED March 14, 2005

NEPAL: Abducted journalist released
POSTED March 11, 2005

NEPAL: Editor Kanak Dixit released
POSTED March 8, 2005

NEPAL: CPJ condemns detention of prominent editor
POSTED March 7, 2005

PHILIPPINES: Columnist found shot dead
POSTED March 2, 2005

NEPAL: Government maintains chokehold on independent press
POSTED March 2, 2005

CHINA: Authorities suspend license of jailed journalists' lawyer
POSTED March 1, 2005

BANGLADESH: Authorities proceed in sedition case against journalist
POSTED February 22, 2005

NEPAL: CPJ urges government to restore press freedom
POSTED February 16, 2005

THAILAND: Provincial journalist shot dead
POSTED February 15, 2005

BANGLADESH: Journalist dies of injuries sustained in bomb blast
POSTED February 11, 2005

PAKISTAN: Two journalists killed, two others wounded in gun attack
POSTED February 7, 2005

NEPAL: Security forces target journalists, impose blackout outside capital
POSTED February 4, 2005

NEPAL: King and army shut down independent press
POSTED February 3, 2005

PHILIPPINES: Gunmen kill key witness in Damalerio murder case
POSTED February 2, 2005

NEPAL: CPJ deeply concerned about journalists' safety, government censorship
POSTED February 2, 2005

BURMA: Seeking journalists' release, CPJ sends 400 signed appeals to Burmese government
POSTED February 1, 2005

PHILIPPINES Publisher critically wounded in shooting
POSTED January 31, 2005

BANGLADESH Intelligence agents search for New York Times sources
POSTED January 28, 2005

VIETNAM: Reporter who investigated drug company is indicted
POSTED January 18, 2005

INDONESIA: CPJ condemns restrictions on journalists in Aceh Province
POSTED January 14, 2005

News from Asia in 2004