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Cases of attacks on the press in Africa in 2005

Cases of attacks on the press in Africa in 2004

Cases of attacks on the press in Africa in 2003

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from CPJ's annual report, Attacks on the Press 2004.

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Country Summaries

Country Summaries
Country Summaries
Country Summaries
THE GAMBIA: One year later, murderers of leading editors still free
POSTED December 15, 2005

THE GAMBIA: Police bar journalists from site of editor's murder on 1st anniversary

POSTED December 16, 2005

ETHIOPIA: Two more journalists jailed on old charges

POSTED December 12, 2005

ZIMBABWE: Authorities seize independent publisher's passport
POSTED December 9, 2005

ETHIOPIA: Jailed journalist sentenced to eight months in prison
POSTED December 7, 2005

NIGERIA: CPJ calls on Obasanjo to free jailed journalist
POSTED December 7, 2005

NIGER: Two months in prison for defaming the State Treasurer
POSTED December 5, 2005

ERITREA: A 'freed' journalist is sent back to jail
POSTED December 5, 2005

SOMALIA: Journalist imprisoned for report on alleged arms dealing
POSTED December 1, 2005

SIERRA LEONE: Editor freed after a year in jail
POSTED November 30, 2005

CHAD: Radio director freed but faces expulsion from country
POSTED November 30, 2005

RWANDA: Journalist jailed for one year on contempt charge
POSTED November 29, 2005

UGANDA: CPJ urges Museveni to drop closure threats against media in Besigye case
POSTED November 29, 2005

ETHIOPIA: Two more journalists detained
POSTED November 28, 2005

ERITREA: Journalist freed without charge after four years in jail
POSTED November 21, 2005

NIGER: Journalist jailed for defamation
POSTED November 21, 2005

UGANDA: Government threatens to close independent daily
POSTED November 15, 2005

ETHIOPIA: Two more journalists detained in growing crackdown
POSTED November 14, 2005

CAMEROON: Australian freelancer released from police custody
POSTED November 14, 2005

CAMEROON: Australian journalist detained by police
POSTED November 11, 2005

ETHIOPIA: Journalists could face treason charge
POSTED November 10, 2005

ZAMBIA: Prominent editor charged with defaming the president
POSTED November 9, 2005

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: One journalist freed, another still in jail without charge
POSTED November 8, 2005

ETHIOPIA: CPJ protests government's wanted list of journalists
POSTED November 8, 2005

ETHIOPIA: Two journalists held as anti-government protests spread
POSTED November 4, 2005

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: Journalist, wife slain
POSTED November 3, 2005

ETHIOPIA: CPJ condemns government threats against independent media
POSTED November 2, 2005

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: Editor abducted after publishing corruption allegations
POSTED October 31, 2005

THE GAMBIA: CPJ concerned about harrassment of editor
POSTED October 27, 2005

THE GAMBIA: Government shutters Senegalese-owned radio station
POSTED October 24, 2005

NIGERIA: Private broadcasters forced off-air after reporting on deadly plane crash
POSTED October 24, 2005

SENEGAL: Police shut radio station, harass staff over interview with separatist
POSTED October 17, 2005

ETHIOPIA: Authorities harass, intimidate leaders of local journalists' association
POSTED October 13, 2005

NIGERIA: Publisher jailed over money laundering story
POSTED October 13, 2005

TOGO: Critical journalist badly beaten by unidentified assailants
POSTED October 11, 2005

SIERRA LEONE: One year later, an editor still jailed
POSTED October 4, 2005

CHAD: CPJ voices concern in meeting with Chad ambassador
POSTED October 3, 2005

SENEGAL: Three radio stations shuttered by religious leader
POSTED October 3, 2005

NIGER: Jail for reporting on corruption in famine aid distribution
POSTED September 29, 2005

SOMALIA: Radio journalist jailed for reports on Puntland prison
POSTED September 27, 2005

CHAD: Three journalists freed; another ordered expelled
POSTED September 26, 2005

RWANDA: Newspaper seized, editor questioned by police
POSTED September 20, 2005

ERITREA: CPJ demands government account for "disappeared" journalists
POSTED September 16, 2005

RWANDA: Journalist held after criticizing traditional court judges
POSTED September 15, 2005

CHAD: Journalist granted provisional release; three others remain jailed
POSTED September 8, 2005

CHAD: CPJ speaks with jailed journalist
POSTED September 1, 2005

ZIMBABWE: Journalist acquitted in important test case
POSTED August 31, 2005

GUINEA: Government to allow private broadcasting
POSTED August 30, 2005

SIERRA LEONE: Inquest says editor's death was manslaughter
POSTED August 29, 2005

NIGERIA: Security service agents raid private newspaper
POSTED August 26, 2005

IVORY COAST: Army head threatens closure of newspapers
POSTED August 25, 2005

CHAD: Media council lifts ban on independent radio station
POSTED August 24, 2005

ETHIOPIA: Newspaper distributor detained, released on bail
POSTED August 24, 2005

UGANDA: Suspended radio station is allowed back on air
POSTED August 19, 2005

CAMEROON: Independent newspaper targeted by army through the courts
POSTED August 19, 2005

UGANDA: CPJ condemns sedition charges against radio talk show host
POSTED August 15, 2005

CHAD: A fourth journalist is jailed for "inciting hatred"
POSTED August 15, 2005

UGANDA: A day after station is shut, talk show host is arrested
POSTED August 12, 2005

ZIMBABWE: Journalist for banned newspaper goes on trial
POSTED August 12, 2005

UGANDA: Radio station ordered closed after show on helicopter crash
POSTED August 11, 2005

GABON: Media council orders independent newspaper suspended
POSTED August 10, 2005

SOMALIA: Freed journalist expelled from Jowhar
POSTED August 9, 2005

BOTSWANA: Journalist's expulsion draws concern
POSTED August 9, 2005

ETHIOPIA: Journalist jailed for not identifying source
POSTED August 8, 2005

CHAD: Journalist sentenced to six months in jail
POSTED August 8, 2005

SOMALIA: Radio journalist arrested in Jowhar
POSTED August 3, 2005

SIERRA LEONE: CPJ calls for independent inquiry into editor's death
POSTED August 2, 2005

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: Journalist detained by judicial police
POSTED July 29, 2005

IVORY COAST: State broadcaster told to stop opposition coverage
POSTED July 28, 2005

BURUNDI: Radio station resumes broadcasts
POSTED July 27, 2005

IVORY COAST: CPJ condemns attacks on private newspapers
POSTED July 26, 2005

BURUNDI: Independent radio station remains closed
POSTED July 25, 2005

BURUNDI: Police shutter independent radio station
POSTED July 22, 2005

ZIMBABWE: Media commission refuses to license banned newspapers
POSTED July 19, 2005

BURUNDI: Banned independent radio station stops broadcasts for two days
POSTED July 19, 2005

CHAD: Two journalists imprisoned for articles critical of the president
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POSTED July 18, 2005

BURUNDI: Independent radio station faces government ban
POSTED July 15, 2005

IVORY COAST: Radio France Internationale suspended
POSTED July 15, 2005

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: Publisher enters 5th day of detention
POSTED July 15, 2005

CAMEROON: Government lifts ban on private radio station
POSTED July 14, 2005

SOMALIA: Two Puntland journalists freed but harassment continues
POSTED July 13, 2005

CAMEROON: Journalist imprisoned for reporting on corruption
July 11, 2005

ETHIOPIA: Authorities target journalists reporting on post-elections unrest
POSTED July 8, 2005

CHAD: CPJ condemns arrests, urges immediate dismissals
POSTED July 7, 2005

MALI: Radio journalist severely beaten by unidentified assailants
POSTED July 6, 2005

SOMALIA: Two journalists imprisoned in Puntland; radio station shuttered
POSTED July 5, 2005

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: CPJ condemns harassment of journalists covering opposition protests
POSTED June 30, 2005

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: CPJ protests wave of attacks on the press
POSTED June 28, 2005

ETHIOPIA: Four editors arrested, released on bail
POSTED June 28, 2005

SOMALIA: CPJ joins five groups demanding editor's release
POSTED June 28, 2005

ZAMBIA: CPJ concerned over harassment of radio host
POSTED June 27, 2005

NIGERIA: Police occupy journalists' union in Kogi state
POSTED June 24, 2005

BURUNDI: Journalist who said president ‘depressed’ is freed on bail
POSTED June 23, 2005

CHAD: Three journalists jailed on criminal charges
POSTED June 22, 2005

SIERRA LEONE: CPJ disturbed that jailed editor denied due process
POSTED June 22, 2005

SOMALIA: Puntland editor jailed after resuming publication
POSTED June 20, 2005

BURUNDI: CPJ concerned that journalist still jailed without charge
POSTED June 20, 2005

THE GAMBIA: CPJ outraged by conduct of probe into editor's murder
POSTED June 16, 2005

BURUNDI: Journalist arrested after reporting president 'depressed'
POSTED June 14, 2005

ETHIOPIA: Prominent newspaper distributor imprisoned
POSTED June 13, 2005

TANZANIA: Zanzibar government bans critical journalist from working
POSTED June 10, 2005

ETHIOPIA: CPJ deplores harassment, censorship
POSTED June 8, 2005

SOMALIA: Journalist shot dead covering protest
POSTED June 6, 2005

DRC: Uniformed assailants shoot at journalist
POSTED May 31, 2005

MADAGASCAR: CPJ demands action in Madagascar press freedom Cases
POSTED May 27, 2005

SOMALIA: Journalist shot and wounded in Mogadishu
POSTED May 26, 2005

SIERRA LEONE: Journalists detained, charged with "seditious libel"
POSTED May 25, 2005

ZIMBABWE: Police detain journalist who filmed raid on street vendors
POSTED May 19, 2005

DRC: CPJ outraged at forced closure of community radio station
POSTED May 18, 2005

TOGO: CPJ alarmed by censorship, attacks on Togolese press
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POSTED May 16, 2005

THE GAMBIA: The Independent forced to stop publishing
POSTED May 16, 2005

ZIMBABWE: High Court refuses to accredit Daily News journalists
POSTED May 12, 2005

CAMEROON: CPJ protests journalists' prison sentence
POSTED May 10, 2005

SOMALIA: Puntland shutters critical newspaper
POSTED May 6, 2005

NIGERIA: Publisher arrested after questioning first lady's house sales
POSTED May 5, 2005

SOMALIA: CPJ seeks to end harassment in Puntland
POSTED May 3, 2005

TOGO: Radio station shuttered
POSTED April 22, 2005

TOGO: Private broadcasters barred from election coverage
POSTED April 20, 2005

ZIMBABWE: British journalists acquitted, deported
POSTED April 15, 2005

GAMBIA: Murder, arson, repression thwart press
POSTED April 12, 2005

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: Press freedom group threatened
POSTED April 11, 2005

KENYA: Judge acquits editor of criminal charges and creates new interpretation for media law
POSTED April 5, 2005

ZIMBABWE: British journalists face trial on accreditation charges
POSTED April 4, 2005

NIGER: CPJ condemns crackdown on media coverage
POSTED March 30, 2005

RWANDA: Editor's conviction upheld, sentence toughened
POSTED March 22, 2005

SOMALIA: CPJ writes to president about detained journalist
POSTED March 21, 2005

MALAWI: Two journalists released
POSTED March 16, 2005

THE GAMBIA: Government secretly enacts repressive media legislation
POSTED March 16 , 2005

MALAWI: Two journalists arrested after writing about president's fear of ghosts
POSTED March 15, 2005

ZIMBABWE: Supreme Court upholds repressive media law in Daily News case
POSTED March 14, 2005

ERITREA: VOA correspondent freed
POSTED March 3, 2005

ZIMBABWE: After just eight weeks, an independent newspaper is shuttered
POSTED February 28, 2005

THE GAMBIA: Suspect detained in connection with murder of veteran journalist
POSTED February 23, 2005

ZIMBABWE: CPJ protests journalists' harassment in run-up to elections
POSTED February 22, 2005

DJIBOUTI: CPJ condemns radio censorship
POSTED February 16, 2005

ZIMBABWE: CPJ concerned about harassment of international correspondents
POSTED February 15, 2005

TOGO: CPJ condemns government crackdown on private broadcasters
POSTED February 14, 2005

BURUNDI: Radio station and news agency suspended
POSTED February 14, 2005

TOGO: CPJ condemns a government crackdown on private broadcasters
POSTED February 14, 2005

POSTED February 11, 2005

TOGO: CPJ protests censorship and threats to private radio stations
POSTED February 10, 2005

SOMALIA: BBC producer killed outside Mogadishu hotel
POSTED February 9, 2005

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: Journalist jailed in defamation case; CPJ seeks release
POSTED February 2, 2005

COMOROS: CPJ calls on government to lift news ban
POSTED February 1, 2005

MOZAMBIQUE: Fugitive in Cardoso murder returned to country
POSTED January 24, 2005

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: CPJ protests government restrictions on media content
POSTED January 21, 2005

CAMEROON: CPJ calls for release of jailed publication director
POSTED January 21, 2005

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: CPJ condemns prison sentence for journalist in hiding
POSTED January 18, 2005

ZIMBABWE: Mugabe signs repressive new media law
POSTED January 10, 2005

NIGERIA: CPJ condemns attack on journalists
POSTED January 6, 2005

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