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Cases of Attacks on the Press in the Middle East and North Africa in 2004

Cases of Attacks on the Press in the Middle East and North Africa in 2003

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Attacks on the Press in 2003

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Country Summaries
Country Summaries
Country Summaries
IRAQ: French journalists released after four months in captivity
POSTED December 21, 2004

OMAN: CPJ concerned about government censorship
POSTED December 1, 2004

IRAQ: U.S. troops detain journalist in Fallujah
POSTED November 17, 2004

IRAQ: Government instructs media to promote leadership's positions
POSTED November 12, 2004

IRAN: Internet journalists targeted as government turns repressive gaze toward Web
POSTED November 11, 2004

IRAQ/UNITED STATES: Army finds no fault in Palestine Hotel shelling
POSTED November 5, 2004

EGYPT: Columnist for opposition weekly is beaten, threatened
POSTED November 4, 2004

IRAQ: CPJ calls for investigation into journalist's death
POSTED November 2, 2004

IRAQ: Baghdad car bomb kills five Al-Arabiya employees
POSTED November 2, 2004

IRAQ: Ramadi fighting claims Iraqi camerman
POSTED November 1, 2004

IRAQ: Journalist killed
POSTED October 28, 2004

IRAQ: Iraqi photographer killed by gunmen in Mosul
POSTED October 15, 2004

IRAQ: Journalist killed in drive-by shooting in Baghdad
POSTED October 14, 2004

IRAQ: U.S. photographer abducted, released
POSTED October 13, 2004

IRAN: Barred from international travel, writer misses Courage Award ceremony
POSTED October 12, 2004

ISRAEL and the Occupied Territories: CNN producer freed in Gaza City
POSTED September 28, 2004

ISRAEL and the Occupied Territories: CNN producer kidnapped in Gaza City
POSTED September 27, 2004

IRAQ/U.S.A.: CPJ urges Rumsfeld to probe U.S. strike that killed Iraqi civilians, including TV reporter
POSTED September 24, 2004

YEMEN: CPJ protests journalist's imprisonment
POSTED September 16, 2004

IRAQ: Al-Arabiya reporter killed, two other journalists wounded in Baghdad fighting
POSTED September 12, 2004

IRAQ: Interim government imposes indefinite ban on Al-Jazeera
POSTED September 7, 2004

IRAQ: CPJ calls for release of abducted French journalists
POSTED August 30, 2004

IRAQ: CPJ condemns murder of Italian freelance journalist
POSTED August 27, 2004

IRAQ: Police storm Najaf hotel, threaten and detain dozens of journalists
POSTED August 26, 2004

IRAQ: Italian journalist kidnapped; two French reporters still missing
POSTED August 24, 2004

IRAQ: Three journalists reportedly missing
POSTED August 23, 2004

IRAQ: Abducted U.S. journalist, Iraqi translator freed
POSTED August 22, 2004

IRAQ: Abducted journalist threatened
POSTED August 18, 2004

IRAQ: Cameraman for German TV killed
POSTED August 17, 2004

IRAQ: Journalist, translator missing, feared abducted
POSTED August 16, 2004

IRAQ: Authorities ban journalists from Najaf
POSTED August 16, 2004

IRAQ: British journalist abducted in Basra, later released
POSTED August 13, 2004

IRAQ: CPJ concerned about detention of Iranian journalists
POSTED August 12, 2004

IRAQ: CPJ calls on interim government to rescind Al-Jazeera ban
POSTED August 10, 2004

IRAQ: CPJ says new media commission troubling, calls on prime minister to clarify
POSTED July 29, 2004

IRAN: Government agent aquitted in photographer's death
POSTED July 26, 2004

ISRAEL AND THE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES: Palestinian journalists threatened over coverage of infighting
POSTED July 22, 2004

IRAQ: Weekly newspaper allowed to resume publishing
POSTED July 20, 2004

IRAN: Trial in case of murdered photojournalist ends amid charges of government cover-up
POSTED July 19, 2004

ALGERIA: Government suspends Al-Jazeera's bureau operations
POSTED July 1, 2004

ISRAEL: CPJ expresses grave concern about Gaza strike
POSTED June 30, 2004

EGYPT: CPJ protests imprisonment of journalist for libel
POSTED June 18, 2004

MOROCCO: Journalist expelled
POSTED June 17, 2004

ALGERIA: Publisher sentenced to two years in prison
POSTED June 16, 2004

ALGERIA: Journalist imprisoned
POSTED June 11, 2004

SAUDI ARABIA: Cameraman killed
POSTED June 7, 2004

IRAQ: Japanese journalists, translator killed
POSTED May 28, 2004

IRAQ: Al-Jazeera journalist killed
POSTED May 21, 2004

IRAQ: Journalists abused by U.S. troops
POSTED May 18, 2004

IRAQ: Two journalists killed
POSTED May 7, 2004

SAUDI ARABIA: CPJ seeks information on journalist's whereabouts
POSTED April 29, 2004

ISRAEL: CPJ welcomes court ruling on press accreditation
POSTED April 26, 2004

SUDAN: Al-Jazeera correspondent imprisoned
POSTED April 23, 2004

IRAQ: Coalition official confirms that U.S. troops killed journalist
POSTED April 21, 2004

IRAQ: Journalist and his driver reportedly killed
POSTED April 19, 2004

IRAQ: Another journalist released
POSTED April 19, 2004

IRAQ: Czech journalists released
POSTED April 15, 2004

IRAQ: Japanese civilians, including a photographer, are released
POSTED April 15, 2004

IRAQ: French journalist released
POSTED April 14, 2004

IRAQ: French journalist kidnapped
POSTED April 13, 2004

IRAQ: Czech reporters missing
POSTED April 12, 2004

IRAQ: CPJ concerned about abduction of journalists
POSTED April 7, 2004

U.S.A./IRAQ: CPJ files FOIA request for full investigation into deaths of Al-Arabiyya journalists
POSTED April 5, 2004

IRAQ: CPJ troubled by closure of newspaper
POSTED March 29, 2004

IRAQ: Translator for Ti me magazine dies after shooting
POSTED March 26, 2004

IRAQ/UNITED STATES: CPJ sends letter to Rumsfeld about the deaths of two journalists in Iraq
POSTED March 25, 2004

ISRAEL and the OCCUPIED TERRITORIES: Journalist killed in West Bank
POSTED March 23, 2004

IRAQ: Cameraman killed
POSTED March 18, 2004

ISRAEL and the OCCUPIED TERRITORIES: AFP photographer shot in the West Bank
POSTED March 10, 2004

POSTED March 2, 2004

EGYPT: President promises to repeal laws that imprison journalists
POSTED February 24, 2004 IRAN: Reformist dailies temporarily banned
POSTED February 20, 2004

EGYPT: Ambassador says expelled journalist can resume work
POSTED February 20, 2004

USA/TUNISIA: CPJ urges President Bush to raise press freedom issues with Tunisian leader
POSTED February 12, 2004

PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY TERRITORIES: CPJ condemns attacks on Palestinian media outlets
POSTED February 5, 2004

ISRAEL: CPJ requests information on status of investigation into journalists' deaths
POSTED February 4, 2004

IRAQ: Governing council penalizes Al-Jazeera
POSTED February 2, 2004

IRAQ: CNN producer and driver killed in ambush
POSTED January 27, 2004

IRAQ: CPJ sends letter of inquiry to U.S. military about journalists' detentions
POSTED January 21, 2004

MOROCCO: King pardons jailed journalists
POSTED January 7, 2004

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