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Cases of Attacks on the Press in Europe and Central Asia in 2004

Attacks on the Press in Europe and Central Asia in 2003

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Attacks on the Press 2003

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Country Summaries
Country Summaries
Country Summaries

RUSSIA: CPJ disturbed by journalist's conviction
POSTED December 17, 2004

UNITED STATES/RUSSIA: Klebnikov family calls for journalists worldwide to probe editor's unsolved murder
POSTED November 18, 2004

BULGARIA: Romanian journalist detained in border city
POSTED November 18, 2004

UZBEKISTAN: Persecuted journalist granted asylum in U.S.
POSTED October 26, 2004

AZERBAIJAN: CPJ condemns politicized conviction of editor
POSTED October 25, 2004

BELARUS: Journalist killed in her apartment
POSTED October 21, 2004

RUSSIA: Crime unpunished: Killers go free 10 years after journalist's murder
POSTED October 15, 2004

RUSSIA: Court acquits suspect in Togliatti ediotr's murder
POSTED October 12, 2004

RUSSIA: CPJ concerned about criminal inquiry against a North Ossetian journalist
POSTED October 8, 2004

RUSSIA: Backing off earlier statements, Moscow police deny progress in Klebnikov case
POSTED October 4, 2004

RUSSIA: Moscow police say two Chechens suspected in Klebnikov murder
POSTED September 28, 2004

SERBIA & MONTENEGRO: Kosovo journalist attacked
POSTED September 24, 2004

LITHUANIA/RUSSIA: Kremlin pressures Lithuania to close pro-Chechen web site
POSTED September 21, 2004

UKRAINE: Four years later, case of murdered journalist Gongadze remains unsolved
POSTED September 16, 2004

UZBEKISTAN: Court shuts Internews ahead of parliamentary elections
POSTED September 14, 2004

MOLDOVA: Cameraman arrested during railway seizure;
sentenced to 15 days in prison

POSTED September 9, 2004

RUSSIA: Independent coverage obstructed in Beslan; detentions, harassment reported
POSTED September 7, 2004

RUSSIA: Prominent Russian journalist sentenced to prison for "hooliganism"
POSTED September 3, 2004

RUSSIA: Journalist reportedly poisoned en route to hostage negotiations
POSTED September 2, 2004

TAJIKISTAN: CPJ calls for end to intimidation campaign
POSTED August 31, 2004

ARMENIA: Photographer assaulted after taking pictures of official's villa
POSTED August 25, 2004

RUSSIA: CPJ delegation calls on U.S., Russian officials to bring Klebnikov killers to justice
POSTED August 19, 2004

UKRAINE: Investigative journalist attacked, tapes taken
POSTED August 19, 2004

KAZAKHSTAN: Restrictions lifted against journalist
POSTED August 17, 2004

UKRAINE: Threatened radio director gets refugee status in U.S.
POSTED August 12, 2004

RUSSIA: CPJ calls on Putin to ensure editors' killers are brought to justice
POSTED August 9, 2004

RUSSIA: Chechen editor reports ongoing harassment
POSTED August 6, 2004

BELARUS: Mother of missing journalist requests new investigation of the case
POSTED August 5, 2004

UZBEKISTAN: A journalist released, but struggling
POSTED August 4, 2004

RUSSIA: Environmental journalist Grigory Pasko receives international passport
POSTED August 4, 2004

RUSSIA: CPJ calls on Putin to end harassment of Chechen newspaper
POSTED July 29, 2004

RUSSIA: Journalist found dead outside Moscow
POSTED July 21, 2004

GEORGIA: Police raid independent newspaper
POSTED July 20, 2004

RUSSIA: CPJ calls on Putin to end "climate of lawlessness, impunity"
POSTED July 15, 2004

RUSSIA: Forbes editor shot and killed
POSTED July 9, 2004

AZERBAIJAN: Court closes criminal defamation case against journalist after local and international outcry
POSTED July 1, 2004

MOLDOVA: Journalist attacked after exposing high-level corruption
POSTED June 25, 2004

POLAND: Journalist jailed after sentence upheld
POSTED June 23, 2004

UKRAINE: Breakthrough in Gongadze case met with deep suspicion
POSTED June 22, 2004

BELARUS: CPJ condemns deportation of independent journalist
POSTED June 22, 2004

RUSSIA: Director of television channel in Dagestan wounded
POSTED June 21, 2004

AZERBAIJAN: CPJ concerned about harassment of journalists in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic
POSTED June 18, 2004

UZBEKISTAN: CPJ calls for review of case of imprisoned journalist
POSTED June 15, 2004

RUSSIA: Court acquits suspects in journalist's murder for a second time
POSTED June 11, 2004

RUSSIA: Federal Security Services refuse to issue international passport to journalist Pasko
POSTED June 4, 2004

RUSSIA: Leading TV show canceled, anchor fired
POSTED June 2, 2004

AZERBAIJAN: CPJ calls on government to allow journalist to return to country
POSTED June 2, 2004

SERBIA & MONTENEGRO: Opposition newspaper editor shot dead
POSTED May 28, 2004

FRANCE: European Court of Human RIghts condemns Russia in media case
POSTED May 20, 2004

UKRAINE: RFE/RL programming aired despite crackdown
POSTED May 14, 2004

RUSSIA: Turkmen journalist brutally beaten in his Moscow apartment
POSTED May 12, 2004

RUSSIA: Reuters journalist killed in Chechnya bombing
POSTED May 10, 2004

GEORGIA: Journalists beaten at opposition rally
POSTED May 4, 2004

FRANCE: Council of Europe calls for sanctions against Belarus
POSTED April 30, 2004

KYRGYZSTAN: TV station back on the air after a 40-day shutdown
POSTED April 28, 2004

KAZAKHSTAN: Journalist's prison sentence commuted
POSTED April 27, 2004

MOLDOVA: Parliament removes defamation article from Criminal Code
POSTED April 26, 2004

KAZAKHSTAN: President vetoes restrictive draft media bill
POSTED April 22, 2004

BELARUS: Prosecutors close investigation into journalist’s abduction
POSTED April 19, 2004

ARMENIA: Journalists beaten at opposition rally
POSTED April 13, 2004

ARMENIA: Journalists attacked at an opposition rally
POSTED April 6, 2004

KAZAKHSTAN: CPJ concerned about deteriorating press freedom conditions
POSTED April 1, 2004

TURKMENISTAN: RFE/RL correspondents are released from prison
POSTED March 24, 2004

POLAND: Journalist's prison sentence postponed following protests
POSTED March 23, 2004

RUSSIA: Fixer abducted in February has been released
POSTED March 18, 2004

UZBEKISTAN: Imprisoned journalist transferred to house arrest
POSTED March 17, 2004

UKRAINE: CPJ concerned about recent closures of independent media outlets
POSTED March 11, 2004 GEORGIA: Journalist attacked
POSTED March 5, 2004

TURKMENISTAN: CPJ concerned about RFE/RL journalists
POSTED March 5, 2004

RUSSIA: Journalist harassed and fixer abducted
POSTED March 2, 2004

NEWS RELEASE: CPJ receives OSCE prize for journalism and democracy
POSTED February 19, 2004

POLAND: Journalist sentenced to three months in prison
POSTED February 12, 2004

RUSSIA: CPJ concerned about security services' harassmnent of media
POSTED February 5, 2004

RUSSIA: Explosion rocks home of journalist
POSTED February 2, 2004

KAZAKHSTAN: CPJ concerned about draft legislation
POSTED January 29, 2004

CZECH REPUBLIC: Editor of independent weekly attacked
POSTED January 20, 2004

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