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Cases of Attacks on the Press in Asia in 2004

Cases of Attacks on the Press in Asia in 2003

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Attacks on the Press 2003

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Country Summaries
Country Summaries
Country Summaries
INDONESIA: As tragedy deepens, a courageous newspaper staff is mourned
POSTED December 30, 2004

VIETNAM: Writer faces increasing official harassment, fears imprisonment
POSTED December 23, 2004

INDONESIA: CPJ condemns journalist's prison sentence
POSTED December 23, 2004

CHINA: Two leading advocates and writers detained and released
POSTED December 14, 2004

CHINA: Journalist imprisoned
POSTED December 8, 2004

CHINA: Journalist imprisoned
POSTED December 8, 2004

PHILIPPINES: Journalist blugeoned to death
POSTED December 2, 2004

CHINA: One journalist released, 42 still behind bars
POSTED November 30, 2004

PHILIPPINES: Journalist gunned down, the latest in a deadly year
POSTED November 29, 2004

BANGLADESH: CPJ condemns journalist's ongoing detention
POSTED November 29, 2004

PHILIPPINES: Two journalists murdered in the Philippines
POSTED November 15, 2004

INDIA: Editor brutally murdered
POSTED November 12, 2004

BURMA: Junta shakeup leads to closing of several publications
POSTED October 22, 2004

CHINA: New York Times researcher formally arrested
POSTED October 21, 2004

PHILIPPINES: Radio commentator shot dead in broad daylight
POSTED October 19, 2004

CHINA: CPJ alarmed by crackdown
POSTED October 15, 2004

BANGLADESH: Veteran journalist brutally murdered by axe-wielding assailants
POSTED October 4, 2004

PHILIPPINES: Another reporter gunned down, as journalists' death toll rises
POSTED September 29, 2004

INDIA: Police beat two photographers covering Kashmir unrest
POSTED September 27, 2004

CHINA: CPJ protests journalist's detention
POSTED September 24, 2004

CHINA: Foreign affairs magazine shuttered after criticism of North Korea
POSTED September 22, 2004

VIETNAM: Imprisoned journalist requires medical attention
POSTED September 21, 2004

BURMA: CPJ disturbed by closing of current affairs journal
POSTED September 21, 2004

INDONESIA: CPJ condemns guilty verdict in libel case
POSTED September 16, 2004

BANGLADESH: At least eight journalists attacked in Dhaka campus unrest
POSTED September 14, 2004

PHILIPPINES: More than two years after journalist's murder, suspect surrenders
POSTED September 13, 2004

INDONESIA: Court delays Tempo verdict as international observers crowd courtroom
POSTED September 7, 2004

NEPAL: Press offices attacked in riots sparked by Iraq killings
POSTED September 1, 2004

CHINA: Writers sued for libel
POSTED August 31, 2004

CHINA: Editor released from prison
POSTED August 30, 2004

PHILIPPINES: Gunman arrested in case of missing journalist
POSTED August 27, 2004

INDIA: Editor stabbed as he leaves office
POSTED August 26, 2004

THAILAND: Media activist and editors sued; millions sought
POSTED August 25, 2004

BANGLADESH: Journalist killed
POSTED August 24, 2004

PHILIPPINES: Two surrender in investigation into journalist's murder
POSTED August 24, 2004

BANGLADESH: Newspaper threatened
POSTED August 23, 2004

MALDIVES: CPJ condemns detention of online publishers
POSTED August 19, 2004

NEPAL: Maoists kill one journalist, threaten nine others
POSTED August 18, 2004

SRI LANKA: Political activist and writer killed
POSTED August 17, 2004

PHILIPPINES: Journalist survives shooting
POSTED August 16, 2004

PHILIPPINES: Radio correspondent killed
POSTED August 12, 2004

CHINA: Court rejects appeal of Internet essayist
POSTED August 11, 2004

INDONESIA: CPJ protests criminal defamation charges
POSTED August 10, 2004

CHINA: Search warrant revoked in Hong Kong newspaper raid
POSTED August 10, 2004

NEPAL: Maoist rebels attack journalists
POSTED August 9, 2004

BURMA: Documentary filmmaker arrested
POSTED August 6, 2004

PHILIPPINES: Radio journalist killed, second in week
POSTED August 5, 2004

PHILIPPINES: Radio commentator killed
POSTED August 3, 2004

CHINA: Journalist imprisoned
POSTED August 3, 2004

VIETNAM: Prominent writer sentenced
POSTED July 29, 2004

CAMBODIA: Journalists forced to sign false confessions
POSTED July 27, 2004

BURMA: Imprisoned journalist freed
POSTED July 26, 2004

CHINA: Hong Kong newspaper offices raided
POSTED July 26, 2004

VIETNAM: After 16 months without charge, prominent writer to go on trial
POSTED July 20, 2004

VIETNAM: Writer sentenced to 19 months in prison
POSTED July 14, 2004

BANGLADESH: Islamic groups threaten dozens of journalists
POSTED July 13, 2004

THAILAND: CPJ condemns criminal defamation suits
POSTED July 12, 2004

VIETNAM: Writer convicted of "infringing" on state interests
POSTED July 9, 2004

VIETNAM: After 18 months in prison, two writers to be tried
POSTED July 7, 2004

AFGHANISTAN: Australian journalist reported safe
POSTED July 1, 2004

AFGHANISTAN: Australian journalist reported missing
POSTED June 30, 2004

BANGLADESH: CPJ urges government to release journalist
POSTED June 29, 2004

BANGLADESH: Journalists assaulted by prison guards
POSTED June 24, 2004

PHILIPPINES: Radio journalist killed
POSTED June 17, 2004

VIETNAM: Internet journalist released from prison
POSTED June 16, 2004

CHINA: Journalists' sentences reduced
POSTED June 15, 2004

PHILIPPINES: Radio stations shuttered
POSTED June 14, 2004

CHINA: Internet writer found guilty of subversion
POSTED June 11, 2004

VIETNAM: Writer charged with espionage
POSTED June 10, 2004

BANGLADESH: Journalists attacked by police
POSTED June 8, 2004

PAKISTAN: Journalist goes on trial
POSTED June 8, 2004

MALAYSIA: Journalist detained
POSTED June 3, 2004

PAKISTAN: Imprisoned journalist freed
POSTED June 2, 2004

SRI LANKA: Journalist killed
POSTED June 1, 2004

CHINA: Former Hong Kong radio host says he quit over threats
POSTED May 27, 2004

VIETNAM: Imprisoned journalist ends hunger strike
POSTED May 27, 2004

NEPAL: CPJ concerned about journalists' detentions
POSTED May 21, 2004

VIETNAM: Imprisoned journalist on hunger strike transferred
POSTED May 21, 2004

BURMA: Journalist's death sentence commuted
POSTED May 18, 2004

CHINA: Internet essayist goes on trial
POSTED May 18, 2004

INDONESIA: Journalist released from rebel captivity

PAKISTAN: Imprisoned journalist transferred
POSTED May 17, 2004

PAKISTAN: CPJ condemns harrassment and detention of journalists
POSTED May 14, 2004

NEPAL: Police beat journalists
POSTED May 11, 2004

CHINA: Journalist sentenced to two year's administrative detention
POSTED May 11, 2004

PAKISTAN: CPJ protests journalist's detention
POSTED May 10, 2004

VIETNAM: Imprisoned journalist on hunger strike
POSTED May 6, 2004

SRI LANKA: Police raid home of journalist
POSTED May 4, 2004

VIETNAM: Journalist's appeal to be heard on May 5
POSTED May 3, 2004

BANGLADESH: Journalist attacked
POSTED April 29, 2004

MALDIVES: CPJ condemns prolonged detention of journalists
POSTED April 28, 2004

PAKISTAN: Journalist detained
POSTED April 27, 2004

INDIA: Journalist killed in mine explosion
POSTED April 22, 2004

NEPAL: Journalists detained, harassed during demonstrations
POSTED April 21, 2004

CHINA: CPJ condemns ongoing detention of journalists
POSTED April 9, 2004

BANGLADESH: Journalist injured in shooting
POSTED April 7, 2004

PAKISTAN: Jailed journalist granted bail
POSTED March 29, 2004

UNITED KINGDOM/SRI LANKA: Sri Lankan journalists in London receive threats
POSTED March 25, 2004

CHINA: Two editors sentenced to lengthy prison terms
POSTED March 22, 2004

CHINA: South Korean photographer released from Chinese prison
POSTED March 19, 2004

CHINA: Government announces imminent release of South Korean journalist
POSTED March 18, 2004

INDONESIA: Magazine found guilty of libel
POSTED March 18, 2004

PAKISTAN: Imprisoned journalist's hearing to be held tomorrow
POSTED March 18, 2004

PAKISTAN: Government bans ads to newspaper group
POSTED March 15, 2004

CHINA: Hong Kong journalists questioned and expelled
POSTED March 10, 2004

BANGLADESH: CPJ urges government to end cycle of violence against journalists
POSTED March 5, 2004

BANGLADESH: Journalists attacked
POSTED March 3, 2004

PAKISTAN: Television station offices attacked
POSTED March 3, 2004

TONGA: CPJ concerned about government's use of new media laws
POSTED February 17, 2004

THE PHILIPPINES: Journalist shot dead
POSTED February 11, 2004

BANGLADESH: Journalist attacked
POSTED February 11, 2004

BANGLADESH: 11 journalists threatened
POSTED February 11, 2004

PAKISTAN: Journalist murdered
POSTED January 29, 2004

CHINA: CPJ calls for imprisoned journalist's release
POSTED January 27, 2004

PAKISTAN: Journalist charged with sedition
POSTED January 26, 2004

THAILAND: Court exonerates soldiers in attack on journalist
POSTED January 21, 2004

INDONESIA: Newspaper found guilty of defamation
POSTED January 21, 2004

PAKISTAN: CPJ concerned about journalist's detention
POSTED January 20, 2004

BANGLADESH: Journalist murdered
POSTED January 15, 2004

PAKISTAN: Two journalists released, one remains in detention
POSTED January 12, 2004

VIETNAM: CPJ protests sentencing of Internet writer
POSTED January 5, 2004

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