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Cases of Attacks on the Press in the Middle East and North Africa in 2003

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Attacks on the Press in 2002

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IRAQ: Two journalists wounded in grenade attack
POSTED December 11, 2003

KUWAIT: Letter bomb injures editor's secretary
POSTED December 11, 2003

YEMEN: CPJ concerned about proposed bill
POSTED December 9, 2003

IRAQ: CPJ condemns closure of Arab news channel
POSTED November 24, 2003

TUNISIA: Journalist released from prison
POSTED November 19, 2003

IRAQ: Reporter abducted, journalist shot
POSTED November 14, 2003

ISRAEL AND THE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES: Government annouces new press accreditation requirements
POSTED November 6, 2003

IRAQ: Iranian journalists released after four months
POSTED November 3, 2003

IRAQ: Editor killed
POSTED October 28, 2003

SAUDI ARABIA: CPJ condemns government harassment of journalists
POSTED October 14, 2003

IRAQ/UNITED STATES: CPJ requests information from U.S. Defense Department about journalists killed by U.S. forces
POSTED October 8, 2003

MOROCCO/TUNISIA: CPJ talks about press freedom abuses in Morocco and Tunisia at D.C. briefing
POSTED October 3, 2003

TUNISIA: Journalist harassed
POSTED October 3, 2003

JORDAN: Weekly banned
POSTED September 25, 2003

IRAQ: Explosive device rocks NBC News Baghdad bureau
POSTED September 25, 2003

IRAQ: TV stations sanctioned
POSTED September 23, 2003

IRAQ: Los Angeles Times correspondent dies in Baghdad
POSTED September 23, 2003

IRAQ: CPJ dismayed by U.S. investigation into killing of Reuters cameraman
POSTED September 22, 2003

OCCUPIED TERRITORIES: Al-Arabiyya offices attacked
POSTED September 15, 2003

IRAQ: Correspondent and camerman detained
POSTED September 11, 2003

ALGERIA: Harassment by authorities continues
POSTED September 10, 2003

ALGERIA: State printers refuse to publish papers
POSTED August 29, 2003

TUNISIA: U.S. officials raise concern about jailed Internet journalist
POSTED August 26, 2003

IRAN: Agents accused in journalist's death
POSTED August 25, 2003

IRAQ: CPJ calls for a full and public investigation into journalist's death
POSTED August 18, 2003

IRAQ: Reuters cameraman Mazen Dana killed in Baghdad
POSTED August 17, 2003

UNITED STATES: CPJ troubled by results of Palestine Hotel inquiry
POSTED August 13, 2003

IRAQ: Journalist briefly detained and handcuffed
POSTED August 13, 2003

IRAQ: Al-Jazeera cameraman and assistant wounded during grenade attack
POSTED August 11, 2003

SUDAN: Journalist remains in detention
POSTED August 6, 2003

MOROCCO: Three journalists sentenced to prison
POSTED August 5, 2003

SYRIA: Government revokes private weekly's license
POSTED August 5, 2003

SAUDI ARABIA: Information Ministry bans columnist from writing
POSTED July 30, 2003

IRAQ: CPJ calls on U.S. for more information about detained Iranian journalists
POSTED July 29, 2003

IRAN: Security agents detained in connection with journalist's death
POSTED July 28, 2003
SUDAN: Newspaper's license suspended
POSTED July 25, 2003

IRAN: Minister's group releases report on journalist's death
POSTED July 21, 2003

IRAN: Government offers conflicting explanations of free-lancer's death
POSTED July 17, 2003

MOROCCO: CPJ concerned about media crackdown
POSTED July 16, 2003

IRAN: CPJ calls for independent investigation into journalist's death in hospital
POSTED July 14, 2003

IRAN: Canadian-Iranian photojournalist hospitalized
POSTED July 10, 2003

EGYPT: Political party's newspaper suspended
POSTED July 8, 2003

IRAQ: Free-lance cameraman killed
POSTED July 7, 2003

ALGERIA: Foreign media banned from covering prisoner release
POSTED July 3, 2003

BAHRAIN: Journalists on trial face prison time
POSTED July 1, 2003

MOROCCO: Journalist ends hunger strike
POSTED June 25, 2003

MOROCCO: Three more journalists detained
POSTED June 20, 2003

KUWAIT: CPJ calls for charges against editor to be dropped
POSTED June 17, 2003

MOROCCO: CPJ delegation meets with Moroccan ambassador
POSTED June 12, 2003

UNITED STATES: CPJ concerned about attempts to regulate Iraqi media
POSTED June 13, 2003

TURKEY: CPJ protests continued harassment of journalist
POSTED June 6, 2003

EGYPT: Journalists imprisoned
POSTED June 3, 2003

MOROCCO: Imprisoned journalist hospitalized
POSTED June 2, 2003

SAUDI ARABIA: CPJ concerned about editor's dismissal
POSTED May 30, 2003

SYRIA: Imprisoned journalist released
POSTED May 27, 2003

POSTED May 22, 2003

MOROCCO: CPJ protests journalist's imprisonment
POSTED May 21, 2003

MOROCCO: Journalist on hunger strike
POSTED May 12, 2003

IRAQ: Boston Globe correspondent and translator killed in car accident
POSTED May 9, 2003

POSTED May 5, 2003

ISRAEL AND THE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES: CPJ outraged by shooting death of Palestinian cameraman
POSTED April 22, 2003

TUNISIA: Health of imprisoned journalist on hunger strike deteriorating
POSTED April 22, 2003

MOROCCO: CPJ condemns harassment and physical attacks on journalists
POSTED April 17, 2003

IRAQ: Camerawoman dies from injuries sustained in car accident
POSTED April 15, 2003

IRAQ: Journalist killed in car accident
POSTED April 14, 2003

IRAQ: CPJ condemns journalists' deaths in Iraq
POSTED April 8, 2003

IRAQ: CPJ mourns loss of two journalists killed in Iraq
POSTED April 7, 2003

IRAQ: CPJ sends letter to Gen. Tommy Franks about mistreatment of journalists by U.S. forces
POSTED April 7, 2003

IRAQ: BBC translator killed
POSTED April 6, 2003

IRAQ: CPJ mourns the death of Atlantic Monthly editor Michael Kelly
POSTED April 4, 2003

IRAQ: Missing journalist's wife demands more information
POSTED April 3, 2003

MOROCCO: State television bars Al-Jazeera from using its facilities
POSTED April 3, 2003

IRAQ: BBC cameraman killed in Iraq
POSTED April 2, 2003

IRAQ: Four missing journalists in Iraq are safe in Jordan
POSTED April 1, 2003

IRAQ: Iraqi officials may have detained Newsday journalists
POSTED March 30, 2003

IRAQ: CPJ sends letter to Rumsfeld about U.S. bombing of Iraqi TV
POSTED March 28, 2003

IRAQ: Group of journalists missing in Baghdad
POSTED March 26, 2003

IRAQ: CPJ investigating bombing of Iraqi television facility
POSTED March 26, 2003

IRAQ: Al-Jazeera correspondents' credentials revoked
POSTED March 25, 2003

IRAQ: Croatian journalist expelled
POSTED March 24, 2003

IRAQ: ITN correspondent confirmed dead
POSTED March 23, 2003

IRAQ: Journalist killed
POSTED March 22, 2003

IRAQ: CNN crew expelled
POSTED March 21, 2003

IRAQ: CPJ concerned about possible shielding
POSTED March 20, 2003

IRAQ: CPJ reiterates concern for safety of reporters covering conflict in Baghdad
POSTED March 19, 2003

PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY TERRITORIES: Two Palestinian journalists injured
POSTED March 6, 2003

QATAR: Death sentence against Jordanian journalist upheld
POSTED February 25, 2003

JORDAN: Two journalists released; one remains in jail
POSTED February 19, 2003

SAUDI ARABIA: Al-Jazeera barred from covering the hajj
February 13, 2003

ISRAEL AND THE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES: Two television stations and one radio station closed in Hebron
January 31, 2003

ISRAEL AND THE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES: Soldiers assault photographers
January 24, 2003

JORDAN: Three journalists remain in detention
January 23, 2003

SYRIA: Journalist petition for Syrian Colleague's release
POSTED January 16, 2003

PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY TERRITORIES: Al-Jazeera correspondent released
January 6 , 2003