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Cases of Attacks on the Press in Europe and Central Asia in 2003

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Attacks on the Press 2002

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BELARUS: Court declares missing journalist dead
POSTED December 2, 2003

RUSSIA: Court releases imprisoned journalist
POSTED November 13, 2003

RUSSIA: Supreme Court upholds acquittal of journalists on state secrets charge
POSTED November 10, 2003

RUSSIA: Constitutional Court abolishes part of restrictive election law
POSTED October 30, 2003

RUSSIA: CPJ concerned about investigation into journalist's murder
POSTED October 21, 2003

AZERBAIJAN: Police crackdown on media amid presidential elections
POSTED October 17, 2003

RUSSIA: Editor-in-chief of Russian independent daily murdered
POSTED October 10, 2003

RUSSIA: Federal court upholds journalist's conviction
POSTED October 7, 2003

RUSSIA: Two journalists die in car accident while on assignment
POSTED October 7, 2003

LITHUANIA: Court issues mixed decision on pro-independence Chechen Web site
POSTED October 1, 2003

RUSSIA: Constitutional Court to examine restrictive media and election laws
POSTED September 26, 2003

UZBEKISTAN: Court rejects imprisoned journalist's appeal
POSTED September 26, 2003

RUSSIA: CPJ and CJES call on President Bush to raise press freedom at meeting with President Putin
Перевод на русский язык
POSTED September 24, 2003

RUSSIA: Investigators search office of news Web site
POSTED September 24, 2003

LITHUANIA: Authorities detain and expel film crew
POSTED September 18, 2003

UZBEKISTAN: CPJ calls for release of imprisoned journalist
POSTED September 17, 2003

RUSSIA: Journalist convicted of criminal defamation up for appeal
POSTED September 17, 2003

UKRAINE: CPJ marks third anniversary of journalist's disappearance
POSTED September 16, 2003

UZBEKISTAN: Imprisoned journalist reports being tortured
POSTED September 11, 2003

AZERBAIJAN: Police officers assault journalists
POSTED September 11, 2003

RUSSIA: Supreme Court rejects journalist's appeal to review conviction
POSTED September 5, 2003

TAJIKISTAN: CPJ sends letters to authorities
Перевод на русский язык
POSTED August 27, 2003

TAJIKISTAN: CPJ requests information on 29 murdered journalists
Перевод на русский язык
POSTED August 27, 2003

TAJIKISTAN: CPJ concerned about criminal defamation and access to information
Перевод на русский язык
POSTED August 27, 2003

RUSSIA: Journalist convicted and imprisoned on criminal defamation charges
POSTED August 20, 2003

UZBEKISTAN: CPJ believes journalist's imprisonment is politically motivated
POSTED August 19, 2003

RUSSIA: Moscow court upholds denial of travel passport to Grigory Pasko
POSTED August 12, 2003

TAJIKISTAN: Suspects convicted of murdering two journalists during civil war
POSTED July 29, 2003

TAJIKISTAN: CPJ calls for greater press access and an end to impunity
POSTED July 24, 2003

RUSSIA: Court rejects journalist's appeal for travel passport
POSTED July 24, 2003

GEORGIA: Suspect convicted in television journalist's murder
POSTED July 11, 2003

BELARUS: Russian TV bureau and U.S.-funded media organizations closed
POSTED July 10, 2003

RUSSIA: Journalist Grigory Pasko denied travel passport
POSTED July 10, 2003

RUSSIA: Agence France-Presse reporter abducted
POSTED July 7, 2003

RUSSIA: CPJ calls on Russian president not to sign legislation
POSTED July 1, 2003

CZECH REPUBLIC: Diplomat convicted for conspiring to murder journalist
POSTED July 1, 2003

BELARUS: Russian television journalist expelled
POSTED June 30, 2003

RUSSIA: Parliament approves restrictive legal amendments
POSTED June 26, 2003

RUSSIA: Media ministry closes national TV channel
POSTED June 23, 2003

RUSSIA: Parliament passes restrictive legal amendments
POSTED June 20, 2003

SERBIA: CPJ concerned about government harrassment of journalists
POSTED June 12, 2003

RUSSIA: CPJ concerned about legislation
POSTED June 6, 2003

SERBIA: Politician allegedly attacks journalist during interview
POSTED June 5, 2003

BELARUS: Information Ministry closes independent newspaper for three months

RUSSIA: Court orders retrial of defendants previously acquitted of journalist's murder
POSTED May 28, 2003

AZERBAIJAN: Independent journalists convicted for libeling president's brother
POSTED May 22, 2003
RUSSIA: Local television journalist violently attacked
POSTED May 19, 2003
RUSSIA: Popular radio station raided by police
POSTED May 7, 2003
UKRAINE: Local prosecutor in Gongadze case convicted and amnestied
POSTED May 7, 2003
AZERBAIJAN: Opposition newspaper attacked
POSTED May 5, 2003
RUSSIA: Four journalists die in helicopter crash
POSTED May 5, 2003
RUSSIA: Kremlin presses Estonia to shut down Chechen Web site
POSTED May 1, 2003
ARMENIA: Local journalist violently attacked
POSTED April 30, 2003
RUSSIA: Head of Russian television station shot dead
POSTED April 18, 2003
GEORGIA: Popular radio station attacked
POSTED April 14, 2003
RUSSIA: National media outlets agree to curb reporting on terrorism
POSTED April 11, 2003
KAZAKHSTAN: Court convicts suspects in firebombing of opposition weekly
POSTED March 28, 2003
ROMANIA: Body of missing journalist found
POSTED March 28, 2003
SERBIA: Prosecutor in journalist's murder case suspended
POSTED March 26, 2003
CZECH REPUBLIC: Intelligence official confirms Iraqi threat against RFE/RL
POSTED March 26, 2003
BELARUS: Court grants parole to imprisoned journalist
POSTED March 24, 2003
GEORGIA: Supreme Court threatens independent TV station for exposing corruption
POSTED March 21, 2003
SERBIA: CPJ concerned by media restrictions
POSTED March 21, 2003
RUSSIA: Local television journalist brutally attacked
POSTED March 19, 2003
RUSSIA: Local television journalist brutally attacked
POSTED March 19, 2003
RUSSIA: Local journalist violently attacked
POSTED March 17, 2003
SERBIA: Government imposes media restrictions following premier's assassination
POSTED March 13, 2003
KAZAKHSTAN: Court upholds journalist's prison sentence
POSTED March 11, 2003
UZBEKISTAN: Two radio journalists attacked as police watch
POSTED March 10, 2003
SERBIA: Editor threatened for reporting on allegations against bishop
POSTED March 10, 2003

BELARUS: Court amends imprisoned journalist's sentence
POSTED March 7, 2003
ARMENIA: Police arrest suspects in television chief's murder
POSTED March 5, 2003

RUSSIA: Suspect charged of threatening journalist is cleared
POSTED March 5, 2003

RUSSIA: CPJ concerned about government's attempt to control coverage of conflict in Chechnya
POSTED March 5, 2003

CROATIA: Publisher's car bombed
POSTED March 3, 2003

RUSSIA: Chechen journalist beaten and detained by Interior Ministry troops
POSTED February 28, 2003

AZERBAIJAN: CPJ concerned about journalist facing criminal prosecution
POSTED February 27, 2003

SPAIN: Basque daily closed over alleged ETA links
POSTED February 24, 2003

UKRAINE: CPJ concerned about alleged death threats against editor
POSTED February 19, 2003

KAZAKHSTAN: Independent journalist sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison
POSTED January 30, 2003

RUSSIA: CPJ welcomes Grigory Pasko's release
POSTED January 23, 2003