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Cases of Attacks on the Press in Asia in 2003

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from CPJ's annual report
Attacks on the Press 2002

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INDONESIA: Journalist killed
POSTED December 29, 2003

VIETNAM: Writer to go on trial
POSTED December 29, 2003

CHINA: Court rejects South Korean photographer's appeal
POSTED December 22, 2003

PAKISTAN: Two journalists detained
POSTED December 22, 2003

BANGLADESH: CPJ condemns violent attacks on journalists
POSTED December 11, 2003

PAKISTAN: Journalist threatened, attacked
POSTED December 8, 2003

BURMA: Journalist sentenced to death
POSTED December 4, 2003

PHILIPPINES: Radio journalist killed
POSTED December 3, 2003

BANGLADESH: Journalist detained
POSTED December 3, 2003

CHINA: Internet writer freed
POSTED December 1, 2003

VIETNAM: Writer sentenced to 10-month prison term
POSTED November 12, 2003

BANGLADESH: Journalist released on bail
POSTED November 12, 2003

VIETNAM: Writer to be tried tomorrow
POSTED November 11, 2003

AFGHANISTAN: U.S. Embassy issues warning to American journalists
POSTED November 10, 2003

BANGLADESH: CPJ condemns arrest of photojournalist
POSTED November 7, 2003

CHINA: CPJ condemns arrest of Internet essayist
POSTED November 3, 2003

INDONESIA: Editor convicted of criminal defamation
POSTED October 27, 2003

CHINA: Internet essayist sentenced
POSTED October 21, 2003

CAMBODIA: Journalist murdered
POSTED October 20, 2003

INDONESIA: CPJ concerned about kidnapped journalists
POSTED October 7, 2003

PAKISTAN: Journalist killed
POSTED October 6, 2003

INDONESIA: CPJ concerned about criminal defamation
POSTED October 3, 2003

INDONESIA: Court cancels order to seize newspaper offices
POSTED October 2, 2003

INDONESIA: Journalist's residence and newspaper offices seized by court
POSTED October 1, 2003

BANGLADESH: Journalist freed from jail, charges dropped
POSTED September 30, 2003

INDIA: Journalist murdered
POSTED September 22, 2003

INDONESIA: Journalists' Tempo lawsuit to be decided next week
POSTED September 19, 2003

NEPAL: Journalist released from detention amid further arrests
POSTED September 19, 2003

JAPAN: Freelance journalist murdered
POSTED September 17, 2003

NEPAL: CPJ condemns attacks on journalists by government forces and Maoists
POSTED September 15, 2003

PHILIPPINES: Journalist shot dead
POSTED September 8, 2003

NEPAL: Journalist brutally murdered
POSTED September 8, 2003

BANGLADESH: CPJ protests journalist's assault and arrest
POSTED September 5, 2003

PHILIPPINES: CPJ sends letter to President urging justice in cases of two slain journalists
POSTED September 2, 2003

CHINA: South Korean journalists released, deported from China
POSTED August 28, 2003

VIETNAM: Journalist's sentence reduced on appeal
POSTED August 26, 2003

BANGLADESH: Journalist brutally attacked and imprisoned
POSTED August 26, 2003

VIETNAM: Journalist's appeal trial scheduled for next week
POSTED August 22, 2003

PHILIPPINES: Journalist shot dead outside his house
POSTED August 21, 2003

CHINA: South Korean journalists arrested for filming refugees
POSTED August 21, 2003

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Newspaper offices attacked; correspondent threatened
POSTED August 13, 2003

INDONESIA: Government convicts and releases U.S. journalist
POSTED August 4, 2003

BANGLADESH: CPJ condemns recent attacks against journalists
POSTED August 4, 2003

PHILIPPINES: CPJ calls on government to investigate journalist's murder
POSTED July 30, 2003

TAIWAN: CPJ condemns journalist's sentencing
POSTED July 25, 2003

BANGLADESH: CPJ protests series of attacks and threats against journalists
POSTED July 23, 2003

INDONESIA: U.S. journalist on trial in Aceh Province
POSTED July 23, 2003

CHINA: CPJ protests Internet journalist's imprisonment
POSTED July 21, 2003

INDONESIA: U.S. journalist to face trial on immigration charges
POSTED July 18, 2003

VIETNAM: Imprisoned journalist offered exile as condition for release
POSTED July 16, 2003

PAKISTAN: Journalist sentenced to life in prison for blasphemy
POSTED July 10, 2003

LAOS: Journalists and translator released from prison
POSTED July 9, 2003

CHINA: CPJ remains concerned about jailed South Korean journalist
POSTED July 9, 2003

INDONESIA: CPJ condemns assault on radio reporter
POSTED July 7, 2003

INDONESIA: CPJ concerned about journalists missing in Aceh
POSTED July 2, 2003

LAOS: Court sentences journalists and their translator to 15 years in prison
POSTED June 30, 2003

INDONESIA: Japanese photographer deported
POSTED June 30, 2003

INDONESIA: CPJ protests media restrictions
POSTED June 27, 2003

BANGLADESH: Journalist brutally attacked
POSTED June 27, 2003

INDONESIA: Journalist detained for violating immigration laws
POSTED June 25, 2003

AFGHANISTAN: Imprisoned journalists released
POSTED June 25, 2003

INDONESIA: U.S. journalist turns himself over to military
POSTED June 24, 2003

CHINA: Magazine banned in ongoing crackdown
POSTED June 23, 2003

CHINA: CPJ condemns media crackdown
POSTED June 20, 2003

AFGHANISTAN: CPJ condemns journalists' arrests
POSTED June 19, 2003

VIETNAM: Journalist sentenced to 13 years in prison
POSTED June 18, 2003

INDONESIA: Missing cameraman's body found in Aceh
POSTED June 18, 2003

VIETNAM: Internet essayist to be tried on charges of espionage
POSTED June 16, 2003

LAOS: CPJ concerned about journalists' safety
POSTED June 11, 2003

INDONESIA: U.S. journalist endangered in Aceh province
POSTED June 10, 2003

INDONESIA: Journalists attacked by gunmen in Aceh
POSTED May 29, 2003

CHINA: Four Internet writers sentenced to lengthy prison terms
POSTED May 28, 2003

INDONESIA: Military curbs press coverage in Aceh
POSTED May 23, 2003

CHINA: South Korean journalist sentenced to prison
POSTED May 22, 2003
BANGLADESH: Kidnapped journalist found alive
Another journalist remains imprisoned
POSTED May 21, 2003
CHINA: Journalist released after completing prison term
POSTED May 21, 2003
PHILIPPINES: CPJ protests journalist's murder
POSTED May 20, 2003
CHINA: Journalist sentenced to five years in prison
May 19 , 2003
SRI LANKA: Journalist receives death threat
May 16 , 2003
BANGLADESH: One journalist missing, another arrested
May 7 , 2003
INDIA: Militant group threatens to kill journalists in Kashmir
POSTED April 30, 2003
VIETNAM: Journalists attacked for covering corruption
April 30, 2003
PHILIPPINES: CPJ investigating murder of radio announcer
POSTED April 29, 2003
INDIA: State-owned radio and television offices attacked
POSTED April 28, 2003
AFGHANISTAN: Suspects arrested in journalists' murders
POSTED April 22, 2003
INDONESIA: Journalists charged with criminal libel
April 10, 2003
CHINA: CPJ condemns detention of journalist
April 3, 2003
AFGHANISTAN: CPJ concerned about assault, detention, and expulsion of reporter
March 28, 2003
BANGLADESH: Journalist threatened with arrest
March 20, 2003
VIETNAM: CPJ condemns arrest of journalist
March 20, 2003
INDIA: CPJ protests censorship of documentary
POSTED March 20, 2003
CHINA: CPJ awardee's sentence reduced
POSTED March 18, 2003
PAKISTAN: CPJ concerned about threats against weekly newspaper
March 13, 2003
CHINA: CPJ calls on Chinese government to release imprisoned journalists
POSTED March 12, 2003
  VIETNAM: Elderly writer held incommunicado
March 5, 2003
TONGA: CPJ concerned about ban on independent newspaper
March 4, 2003
CHINA: CPJ condemns illegal detention of Internet publisher
POSTED February 28, 2003
NEPAL: CPJ condemns harassment of journalists by Maoist rebels
POSTED February 28, 2003
HONG KONG: Proposed national security bill threatens press freedom
POSTED February 20, 2003
  THAILAND : CPJ sends letter of inquiry regarding journalist's murder
Read CPJ's letter of inquiry
POSTED February 14, 2003
  CAMBODIA : CPJ expresses concern over arrest of journalists
Read CPJ's letter of inquiry
POSTED February 6, 2003
INDIA: CPJ condemns murder of journalist
February 5, 2003
CHINA: CPJ condemns journalist's detention
January 23, 2003
MALAYSIA: CPJ outraged by police raid on publication
January 21, 2003
  BANGLADESH: Journalist Saleem Samad released from prison
POSTED January 21, 2003
  BANGLADESH: High court orders journalist's release
POSTED January 14, 2003
PHILIPPINES: Journalists renew call for justice in colleague's slaying
POSTED January 7, 2003
BANGLADESH: CPJ protests prolonged detention of journalist
January 6, 2003

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