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Cases of Attacks on the Press in Africa in 2003

Country Summaries

from CPJ's annual report, Attacks on the Press 2002.

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GABON: CPJ calls for investigation into journalist's death
POSTED December 23, 2003

TANZANIA: Zanzibari government bans newspaper
POSTED November 24, 2003

SIERRA LEONE: Police seize newspaper's equipment
POSTED November 24, 2003

RWANDA: CPJ concerned about detention of journalists and seizure of newspaper
POSTED November 21, 2003

EQUATORIAL GUINEA: Journalist released from police detention
POSTED November 12, 2003

ETHIOPIA: Journalists' association suspended
POSTED November 12, 2003

NIGER: Journalist imprisoned on criminal defamation charges
POSTED November 10, 2003

MALI: CPJ concerned about jailing of three journalists
POSTED November 5, 2003

EQUATORIAL GUINEA: Journalist imprisoned
POSTED November 5, 2003

ZIMBABWE: Four ANZ directors to spend the night in custody
POSTED October 27, 2003

SENEGAL: Radio France International correspondent expelled
POSTED October 23, 2003

IVORY COAST: French journalist assassinated
POSTED October 22, 2003

THE GAMBIA: Newspaper's offices attacked
POSTED October 20, 2003

SIERRA LEONE: CPJ protests journalist's detention
POSTED October 14, 2003

ETHIOPIA: CPJ calls for investigation into attack on journalist
POSTED October 9, 2003

SIERRA LEONE: Newspaper editor harrassed
POSTED October 8, 2003

NIGER: CPJ protests journalist's detention
POSTED October 6, 2003

KENYA: CPJ disturbed by criminal charges against editor
POSTED October 2, 2003

GABON: CPJ protests deteriorating state of press freedom
POSTED September 29, 2003

KENYA: Police detain three journalists
POSTED September 29, 2003

ZIMBABWE: Police charge nine Daily News journalists
POSTED September 26, 2003

THE GAMBIA: Editor released from detention
POSTED September 23, 2003

ZIMBABWE: Independent news directors arrested
POSTED September 22, 2003

BURUNDI: Radio stations allowed to reopen
POSTED September 19, 2003

ZIMBABWE: Police block Daily News in defiance of court order
POSTED September 19, 2003

ZIMBABWE: High Court rules that Daily News can re-open
POSTED September 18, 2003

ERITREA: CPJ calls for release of imprisoned journalists
POSTED September 18, 2003

BURUNDI: Second radio station closed
POSTED September 17, 2003

ZIMBABWE: Police raid offices of the Daily News
POSTED September 16, 2003

BURUNDI: Government restricts coverage of war and peace process
POSTED September 16, 2003

ZIMBABWE: Authorities shutter Daily News
POSTED September 12, 2003

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: CPJ concerned about state of press freedom
POSTED September 9, 2003

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: Journalist released from prison
POSTED September 4, 2003

POSTED September 3, 2003

NIGERIA: CPJ condemns harassment of journalist
POSTED August 27, 2003

THE GAMBIA: Journalist assaulted
POSTED August 22, 2003

ZIMBABWE: Journalist assaulted
POSTED August 21, 2003

CAMEROON: CPJ protests journalist's imprisonment
POSTED August 11, 2003

TOGO: Imprisoned journalist released
POSTED July 24, 2003

LIBERIA: Injured French journalist flown out
POSTED July 23, 2003

TOGO: Two journalists released from prison
POSTED July 23, 2003

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: Journalist sentenced to five years in prison
POSTED July 21, 2003

TOGO: Imprisoned journalists on hunger strike
POSTED July 15, 2003

ERITREA: VOA stringer arrested
POSTED July 14, 2003

AFRICA UNION: CPJ urges AU to promote press freedom
POSTED July 8, 2003

UGANDA: Police close church-owned radio station
POSTED June 25, 2003

TOGO: Three journalists imprisoned for more than a week
POSTED June 25, 2003

ZIMBABWE: CPJ concerned about continuing harrassment of journalists
POSTED June 17, 2003

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: CPJ concerned about safety of journalists
POSTED June 6, 2003

ETHIOPIA: CPJ disturbed by continuing imprisonment of journalists
POSTED May 22, 2003

ERITREA: Presidsent renews criticism of independent press
POSTED May 22, 2003

ZIMBABWE: Guardian reporter deported
POSTED May 16, 2003

ZIMBABWE: Reporter ordered to leave
POSTED May 16, 2003

ZIMBABWE: CPJ protests continued harassment of independent journalist
POSTED May 16, 2003

SUDAN: Sudanese journalist detained without charge for 10 days
POSTED May 15, 2003

ZIMBABWE: Independent journalist harassed
POSTED May 8, 2003

ZIMBABWE Supreme Court strikes down repressive media legislation
POSTED May 7, 2003

CAMEROON: CPJ deplores worsening press freedom climate
POSTED April 22, 2003

NIGERIA: CPJ urges new Parliament to pass Freedom of Information Bill
POSTED April 16, 2003

SWAZILAND: Information minister announces new censorship policy
POSTED April 11, 2003

KENYA: New president set to file charges against two leading newspapers
POSTED April 8, 2003

TOGO: Foreign reporters barred from working
POSTED March 28, 2003

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Journalist released from prison
POSTED March 20, 2003

IVORY COAST: Body of missing local reporter found
POSTED March 20, 2003

SUDAN: Journalist detained, newspaper confiscated
POSTED March 13, 2003

SIERRA LEONE: Prominent Sierra Leonean journalist released
POSTED March 11, 2003

TOGO: CPJ concerned about increased restrictions on press freedom
POSTED March 10, 2003

ERITREA: CPJ receives response from U.S. Defense Department
POSTED March 7, 2003

BURUNDI: Government bans radio interviews with rebels
POSTED March 7, 2003

NIGER: Editor released after completing eight-month prison sentence
POSTED February 26, 2003

GUINEA-BISSAU: Government closes independent radio broadcaster
POSTED February 25, 2003

TUNISIA: CPJ honorary co-chairman Terry Anderson calls for journalist's release
POSTED February 10, 2003

CHAD: Two reporters jailed and ordered to quit journalism
POSTED February 10, 2003

ERITREA: Prominent U.S. journalists call for release of jailed editor
Read letter to U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld
February 5, 2003

MOZAMBIQUE: Suspects in murder of journalist Carlos Cardoso sentenced to lengthy prison terms
POSTED January 30, 2003

MOZAMBIQUE: CPJ representative to attend verdict announcement in Cardoso trial
POSTED January 30, 2003

ETHIOPIA: CPJ calls for open debate on draft press law
POSTED January 28, 2003

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