Program Coordinator: Joel Campagna      Program Researcher: Hani Sabra

JORDAN: Journalists released after 24 hours in detention
November 11 , 2002

IRAN: Jailed editor pardoned and released
November 6, 2002

KUWAIT: Al-Jazeera bureau closed
November 4, 2002

IRAQ: Officials deny expelling foreign journalists
POSTED October 28, 2002

IRAQ: Foreign journalists ordered to leave country
POSTED October 25, 2002

ISRAEL: Photographer released from detention
POSTED October 22, 2002

ISRAEL: Israeli authorities release two journalists, one remains in detention
POSTED October 10, 2002

IRAN: Two more newspapers closed
POSTED September 17, 2002

ISRAEL: CPJ calls for release of three detained journalists
POSTED September 9, 2002

THE GULF STATES: CPJ mourns death of cameraman
POSTED September 9, 2002

LEBANON: Broadcast stations shut down
POSTED September 5, 2002

SUDAN: CPJ protests detention of journalist
POSTED September 4, 2002

PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY TERRITORIES: Journalist syndicate proposes restrictions on photographers
POSTED August 27, 2002

TUNISIA: CPJ protests journalist's prison sentence
POSTED August 23, 2002

ISRAEL: Israeli journalists come under fire
POSTED August 12, 2002

IRAN: More newspapers closed
POSTED August 9, 2002

JORDAN: CPJ protests government closure of Al-Jazeera's Amman bureau
POSTED August 8, 2002

LEBANON: TV station under investigation
POSTED August 7, 2002

TURKEY: Publisher convicted
POSTED August 2, 2002

ISRAEL: CPJ calls for investigation of photographer's death
POSTED July 25, 2002

IRAN: Appeals court confirms newspaper closure
POSTED July 24, 2002

YEMEN: CPJ disturbed about official harassment of journalists
POSTED July 24, 2002

IRAN: Reformist paper banned for violating news blackout
POSTED July 16, 2002

ISRAEL: Palestinian free-lance photographer killed
July 12, 2002

ISRAEL: Palestinian journalists remain in detention
July 11, 2002

IRAN: National Security Council restricts coverage of top cleric's resignation
July 11, 2002

YEMEN: CPJ protests ongoing detention of two journalists
POSTED July 3, 2002

EGYPT: Camera crews detained; journalist attacked by thugs
POSTED June 28, 2002

ISRAEL AND THE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES : Reuters cameraman comes under gunfire
POSTED June 26, 2002

TUNISIA: Internet journalist sentenced to twenty-eight months in prison
POSTED June 20, 2002

TUNISIA: CPJ protests the arrest and prosecution of Internet journalist
POSTED June 19, 2002

ISRAEL: Reuters photographer released; four journalists remain in detention
POSTED May 29, 2002

ISRAEL: Reuters photographer detained in Gaza
POSTED May 24, 2002

JORDAN: Former Parliament member sentenced for publishing "false information"
POSTED May 17, 2002  

BAHRAIN: Government bans Al-Jazeera for abetting "Zionist infiltration"
POSTED May 13, 2002

IRAN: Journalist sentenced, papers shut down
POSTED May 10, 2002

EGYPT: Journalist sentenced to six months in prison
POSTED May 3, 2002

ISRAEL: CPJ protests detention of journalists
POSTED May 3, 2002

IRAN: Journalist sentenced to prison
POSTED May 2, 2002

TURKEY: Parliament debates harsh broadcasting bill
POSTED May 2, 2002

ISRAEL: IDF continues to harass journalists in the West Bank
POSTED April 24, 2002

SAUDI ARABIA: Authorities confiscate NBC footage
POSTED April 23, 2002

ISRAEL: Israeli forces release AP reporter
POSTED April 18, 2002

IRAN: Editor sentenced to 74 lashes
POSTED April 18, 2002

ISRAEL: Attacks on the press continue on the West Bank
POSTED April 9, 2002

ISRAEL: IDF troops attack reporters in Ramallah
POSTED April 5, 2002

ISRAEL: Six West Bank cities declared off-limits to reporters
POSTED April 4, 2002

TURKEY: Publisher's trial opens in Istanbul
POSTED April 3, 2002

ISRAEL: CPJ criticizes Israel press freedom crackdown
POSTED April 2, 2002  

ISRAEL: Press freedom crisis worsens in the occupied territories
POSTED April 2, 2002

ISRAEL: Press freedom crisis in the occupied territories
POSTED April 1, 2002

TURKEY: Publisher charged over U.S. reporter's book on Kurds
POSTED April 1, 2002

SAUDI ARABIA: Poet jailed for criticizing judiciary
POSTED March 27, 2002  

EGYPT: Two journalists get six-month prison sentences
POSTED March 26, 2002  

JORDAN: Press crackdown continues
POSTED March 22, 2002  

ISRAEL: CPJ calls for investigation of shooting death of journalist, other attacks
POSTED March 18, 2002 \  

ISRAEL: CPJ mourns Italian photographer killed in West Bank clashes
POSTED March 13, 2002  

JORDAN: Government tries to censor TV coverage of pro-Palestinian protests
POSTED March 13, 2002  

ISRAEL: Journalists come under fire in West Bank hotel
POSTED March 12, 2002  

EGYPT: Al-Jazeera cameramen detained by security forces
POSTED March 8, 2002  

JORDAN: Court censors opposition weekly over corruption coverage
POSTED March 5, 2002

ALGERIA: Journalists facing prosecution for defaming military
February 26, 2002  

ISRAEL: IDF troops destroy Palestinian broadcast facilities in Gaza
POSTED February 21, 2002  

ISRAEL: CPJ protests shooting of Israeli reporter
February 21, 2002  

YEMEN: Independent weekly suspended
POSTED February 20, 2002

MOROCCO: Journalists sentenced for defaming foreign minister
February 19, 2002  

MOROCCO: CPJ calls for vigorous investigation into murder of Spanish reporter
POSTED February 14, 2002

ISRAEL: Government fails to renew accreditation of Palestinian journalists
POSTED January 24, 2002

ISRAEL: CPJ condemns destruction of Palestinian radio and television building
POSTED January 19, 2002  

JORDAN: Editor arrested for publishing "false information"
POSTED January 15, 2002