Program Coordinator: Alex Lupis       Program Researcher: Olga Tarasov

THE HAGUE: Reporter's appeal upheld
POSTED December 11, 2002

RUSSIA: CPJ welcomes President Putin's decision to veto controversial amendments
November 25, 2002

RUSSIA: Azerbaijani journalist detained in Moscow
November 25, 2002

ITALY: Former prime minister convicted for ordering journalist murdered
November 19, 2002

BELARUS: Body of Ukrainian journalist found
November 19, 2002

RUSSIA: CPJ urges Putin not to sign amendments
POSTED November 14, 2002

TAJIKISTAN: Three journalists forced into military service
POSTED November 8, 2002

KAZAKHSTAN: Independent journalist detained
POSTED October 29, 2002

RUSSIA: Media face government restriction and pressure on coverage of hostage standoff
POSTED October 25, 2002

ARMENIA: Prominent independent journalist injured in grenade attack
POSTED October 24, 2002

BACK IN THE U.S.S.R.: Special Report on UZBEKISTAN.
POSTED October 24, 2002

CYPRUS: Opposition journalists released from prison
POSTED October 4, 2002

RUSSIA: Cameraman killed during firefight in Ingushetia
POSTED September 26, 2002

RUSSIA: Wave of violent attacks target journalists in Penza
POSTED September 24, 2002

BELARUS: CPJ outraged by conviction of independent journalist
POSTED September 16, 2002

UKRAINE: CPJ marks second anniversary of journalist's disappearance
POSTED September 13, 2002

ROMANIA: CPJ monitoring case of missing journalist
POSTED September 11, 2002

MACEDONIA: Government targets media ahead of parliamentary elections
POSTED September 5, 2002

KAZAKHSTAN: CPJ condemns beating of independent journalist
POSTED August 29, 2002

UNITED KINGDOM: CPJ calls on agency to respect confidentiality of journalistic sources
POSTED August 27, 2002

KAZAKHSTAN: Television journalist brutally attacked
POSTED August 19, 2002

BELARUS: CPJ outraged by systematic harassment of independent press
POSTED August 12, 2002

CYPRUS: Two editors jailed by Northern Cypriot court
POSTED August 9, 2002

TAJIKISTAN: Asia Plus to receive radio license
POSTED July 31, 2002

KAZAKHSTAN: Opposition newspaper harassed
POSTED July 30, 2002

CZECH REPUBLIC: CPJ backs investigation of plot to murder journalist
POSTED July 25, 2002

GEORGIA: CPJ releases statement marking anniversary of television journalist's murder
POSTED July 25, 2002

TAJIKISTAN: Independent radio station denied license
POSTED July 19, 2002

KAZAKHSTAN: Independent journalist charged with criminal defamation
POSTED July 16, 2002

SERBIA: CPJ concerned about safety of independent journalist
July 15, 2002

RUSSIA: Suspects charged with journalist's murder acquitted
POSTED June 26, 2002

TAJIKISTAN: Government drops charges against exiled Tajik journalist
POSTED June 26, 2002

RUSSIA: Supreme Court upholds Grigory Pasko's conviction
POSTED June 25, 2002

BELARUS: CPJ condemns conviction of independent journalists
POSTED June 25, 2002

SERBIA: Former RTS director convicted for failing to protect employees in NATO bombing
POSTED June 24, 2002

RUSSIA: CPJ calls for full exoneration of imprisoned journalist Grigory Pasko
POSTED June 21, 2002

BELARUS: CPJ condemns criminal prosecution of independent journalists
POSTED June 19, 2002

RUSSIA: Local journalist attacked
POSTED June 18, 2002

RUSSIA: Independent newspaper threatened with court-ordered shutdown
POSTED June 13, 2002

THE HAGUE: CPJ concerned about tribunal ruling
POSTED June 11, 2002

UZBEKISTAN: CPJ urges government to free local press
Russian-language version
POSTED June 10, 2002

KAZAKHSTAN: Two opposition newspapers attacked
POSTED May 22, 2002

UKRAINE: Suspect charged with journalist's murder aquitted
POSTED May 17, 2002

TAJIKISTAN: CPJ requests information on press freedom abuses
POSTED May 8, 2002

RUSSIA: Supreme Court reinstates decree used to jail investigative journalist
POSTED May 8, 2002

RUSSIA: Regional newspaper editor killed
POSTED April 30, 2002

SERBIA: CPJ urges passage of new broadcasting law
POSTED April 17, 2002

RUSSIA: Two local journalists violently attacked
POSTED April 12, 2002

SERBIA: On anniversary of journalist's death, no progress in murder investigation
POSTED April 11, 2002

MOLDOVA: Offices of Communist Party newspaper bombed
POSTED April 11, 2002

BELARUS: CPJ condemns prosecution of independent journalists
POSTED April 9, 2002

ARMENIA: Independent TV channel forced off the air
POSTED April 8, 2002

RUSSIA: Berezovsky-backed newspaper editor faces criminal libel charges
POSTED April 4, 2002

BELARUS: CPJ calls for international inquiry into cameraman's disappearance
POSTED April 2, 2002

RUSSIA: Missing reporter's body found in Smolensk
POSTED April 2, 2002

CROATIA: CPJ protests court rulings against satirical weekly
POSTED March 19, 2002

RUSSIA: Lawsuits, assassination attempt threaten survival of independent newspaper
POSTED March 18, 2002

RUSSIA: CPJ condemns murder of journalist in Rostov region
POSTED March 13, 2002

RUSSIA: CPJ delegation in Moscow calls for the release of Grigory Pasko
POSTED March 7, 2002

RUSSIA: CPJ delegation arrives in Vladivostok to support Grigory Pasko
POSTED March 4, 2002

RUSSIA: Supreme Court annuls second decree used to jail Pasko
POSTED February 13, 2002

RUSSIA: Supreme Court annuls decree used to jail Pasko
POSTED February 12, 2002

UZBEKISTAN: Journalist freed
POSTED January 17, 2002  

RUSSIA: Court closes last independent TV station
POSTED January 11, 2002