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BANGLADESH: Two foreign journalists released; Bangladeshi journalists still detained
POSTED December 11, 2002

CHINA: College student missing after posting essays online
POSTED December 10, 2002

HONG KONG: Proposed anti-subversion legislation threatens freedom of expression
CPJ's Letter of protest to Security Bureau of Hong Kong
CPJ's legal submission to Security Bureau

POSTED December 9, 2002

INDONESIA: CPJ concerned about broadcast bill
November 27, 2002

BANGLADESH: Detained journalists accused of anti-state activities
POSTED November 26, 2002

NEPAL: CPJ condemns editor's arrest
November 12, 2002

VIETNAM: Journalist sentenced to four years in prison POSTED November 8, 2002

EAST TIMOR: Indonesian soldiers indicted for murder of Dutch journalist
POSTED Nov 8, 2002

NEPAL: CPJ welcomes release of five journalists
POSTED Nov 5, 2002

VIETNAM: Trial of internet journalist postponed
POSTED Oct 28, 2002

AUSTRALIA: Investigative reporter attacked
POSTED Oct 25, 2002

PAKISTAN: CPJ condemns murder of journalist who reported election abuses POSTED Oct 22, 2002

VIETNAM: Internet essayist's trial imminent
POSTED Oct 22, 2002

CHINA: Chen Ziming completes 13-year prison sentence
POSTED Oct 17, 2002

TAIWAN: Magazine offices attacked
POSTED Oct 7, 2002

PHILIPPINES: Kidnapped journalists released unharmed
POSTED Oct 4, 2002

PHILIPPINES: Two journalists missing, feared kidnapped
POSTED Oct 2, 2002

VIETNAM: CPJ condemns detention of writer POSTED September 26, 2002

CHINA: CPJ condemns arrest of Internet essayist
POSTED September 24, 2002

CHINA: CPJ welcomes release of Wan Yanhai
POSTED September 20, 2002

INDIA: Prominent editor shot in Kashmir
POSTED September 18, 2002

AFGHANISTAN: CPJ encouraged by interim administration's pledge to promote press freedom
POSTED September 12, 2002

INDONESIA: CPJ protests broadcast bill
POSTED September 6, 2002

CHINA: Authorities confirm detention of Wan Yanhai
POSTED September 5, 2002

CHINA: CPJ concerned about access to Google
POSTED September 4, 2002

CHINA: Officials raid office of South Korean journalists
POSTED September 3, 2002

CHINA: CPJ concerned about safety of Web publisher
POSTED August 28, 2002

PAKISTAN: Editor and family harassed by authorities
POSTED August 27, 2002

PHILIPPINES: CPJ demands inquiry into murder of journalist
POSTED August 27, 2002

NEPAL: CPJ condemns murder of journalist by Maoist rebels
POSTED August 26, 2002

AFGHANISTAN: CPJ mourns loss of New Zealand journalist killed in car crash
POSTED August 26, 2002

VIETNAM: Internet essayist to be tried on national security charges
POSTED August 14, 2002

NEPAL: CPJ condemns editor's detention
POSTED August 6, 2002

CHINA: Activist sentenced to 11 years for downloading articles from Internet
POSTED August 6, 2002

INDIA: Newspaper employees injured in attack
POSTED August 1, 2002

BURMA: CPJ concerned about health of imprisoned journalist
POSTED July 24, 2002

VIETNAM: Writer released from custody
POSTED July 23, 2002

VIETNAM: Writer held incommunicado
POSTED July 22, 2002

BURMA-THAILAND: Authorities restrict media amid bilateral tension
POSTED July 18, 2002

CHINA: New regulations require Internet companies to censor news
POSTED July 15, 2002

PAKISTAN: Four convicted in Pearl murder trial
POSTED July 15, 2002

PHILIPPINES: Journalist endangered by military blunder
July 12, 2002

BANGLADESH: Journalist kidnapped, feared dead
POSTED July 12, 2002

INDIA: Editor shot in Kashmir
July 10, 2002

CHINA: Government blocks BBC World broadcast
POSTED July 9, 2002

VIETNAM: CPJ concerned about media crackdown
POSTED July 2, 2002

NEPAL: CPJ asks government to respond to reports of custodial killing; editor feared dead
POSTED June 28, 2002

CHINA: CPJ calls on congress to support press freedom
POSTED June 24, 2002

INDONESIA: CPJ disturbed by announcement to abandon murder investigation
POSTED June 18, 2002

PHILIPPINES: Family of murdered journalist seeks justice
POSTED June 13, 2002

INDIA: Journalist arrested under Official Secrets Act
POSTED June 13, 2002

CHINA: CPJ condemns detention and deportation of Canadian journalist
POSTED June 11, 2002

NEPAL: CPJ delegation meets with prime minister
POSTED June 6, 2002

PAKISTAN: British journalist released
POSTED June 6, 2002

CHINA: CPJ protests continued detention of Internet publisher
POSTED June 3, 2002

INDIA: Journalist shot in Kashmir
POSTED May 29, 2002

NEPAL: Veteran journalist arrested as political crisis deepens
POSTED May 23, 2002

PHILIPPINES: Bomb explodes at radio station in Mindanao
POSTED May 23, 2002

JAPAN: CPJ concerned that new laws may infringe on free press
POSTED May 21, 2002

BURMA: Journalist released from prison
POSTED May 15, 2002

THE PHILIPPINES: Editor killed in drive-by shooting
POSTED May 15, 2002

PAKISTAN: British journalist detained on suspicion of espionage
POSTED May 14, 2002

JAPAN: No justice for murdered Asahi Shimbun reporter
POSTED May 2, 2002

VIETNAM: Dissident jailed for posting pro-democracy essays online
POSTED April 29, 2002

INDIA: CPJ requests information about murdered journalist
POSTED April 25, 2002

PAKISTAN: Witnesses testify in Daniel Pearl murder trial
POSTED April 23, 2002

PAKISTAN: Police attack journalists covering government rally in Faisalabad
POSTED April 15, 2002

AFGHANISTAN: Afghan fighters assault Boston Globe translator in view of U.S. Special Forces
POSTED April 11, 2002

CHINA: Wife of CPJ award-winner detained
POSTED April 9, 2002

NEPAL: Journalist kidnapped by Maoist rebels
POSTED April 8, 2002

PAKISTAN: Pearl kidnapping trial begins; reporters barred
POSTED April 5, 2002

BANGLADESH: Government bans Far Eastern Economic Review
POSTED April 4, 2002

CHINA: Beijing property managers assault news photographer
POSTED April 2, 2002

TAIWAN: Journalists threatened with prosecution for reporting on secret government funds
POSTED April 1, 2002

TAIWAN: Police raid magazine offices
POSTED March 20, 2002

INDONESIA: Government bans Australian reporter who covered rights abuses
POSTED March 18, 2002

VIETNAM: Dissident writers detained for criticizing Vietnam-China agreements
POSTED March 13, 2002

NEPAL: Authorities wield emergency regulations in press crackdown
POSTED March 8, 2002

PAKISTAN: CPJ protests increased harassment of local journalists
POSTED March 7, 2002

AFGHANISTAN: Journalists warned of kidnap threat
POSTED March 6, 2002

THAILAND: Government bans private media group's radio programming
POSTED March 5, 2002
AFGHANISTAN: Canadian journalist injured in attack
POSTED March 4, 2002
BANGLADESH: CPJ condemns murder of journalist
POSTED March 4, 2002
PAKISTAN: Influential editor resigns under pressure
March 1, 2002
PAKISTAN: CPJ mourns death of Daniel Pearl
POSTED February 22, 2002

THAILAND: Authorities to deport foreign reporters
February 22, 2002

BURMA: CPJ releases special report on Burmese journalism under military rule
POSTED February 14, 2002

BURMA: Editor Myo Myint Nyein released
POSTED February 14, 2002

PAKISTAN: Pearl's fate remains unclear
POSTED February 14, 2002

PHILIPPINES: Journalists warned of kidnap threat
POSTED February 12, 2002

PAKISTAN: Police arrest prime suspect in Pearl kidnapping
POSTED February 12, 2002
SRI LANKA: Journalist's assailants sentenced to nine years in prison
POSTED February 8, 2002

BANGLADESH: Journalist targeted in bomb attack
POSTED February 7, 2002

PAKISTAN: Appeals for release of WSJ reporter Daniel Pearl
POSTED February 4, 2002
PAKISTAN: Journalist group appeals for release of Daniel Pearl
POSTED February 1, 2002
PAKISTAN: Journalists petition for release of WSJ reporter
POSTED January 31, 2002

MALAYSIA: Political pressure behind shakeup at The Sun, sources say
POSTED January 21, 2002

VIETNAM: Government tells police to confiscate unapproved publications
POSTED January 16, 2002

THAILAND: Police ban issue of Far Eastern Economic Review
POSTED January 8, 2002  

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