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Yves Sorokobi
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LIBERIA: Government releases jailed editor into U.S. custody
POSTED December 9, 2002

NIGERIA: Muslim leaders issue fatwa on journalist
Police detain editor
POSTED November 26, 2002

NIGERIA: Newspaper's offices destroyed by fire
POSTED November 20, 2002

NIGERIA: Explosion destroys newspaper's offices
POSTED November 20, 2002

SIERRA LEONE: Prominent editor jailed and paper banned
POSTED November 13, 2002

ZIMBABWE: CPJ mourns death of award-winning journalist
POSTED November 13, 2002

MOZAMBIQUE: President's son to be interrogated about journalist's murder
POSTED November 11, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Prosecution of journalist postponed
Amended bill could restrict press further

POSTED October 31, 2002

LIBERIA: Military calls jailed editor "prisoner of war."
POSTED October 24, 2002

IVORY COAST: Newspaper offices destroyed; journalists increasingly at risk as military crisis continues
POSTED October 16, 2002

UGANDA: CPJ condemns raid on newspaper and radio station
POSTED October 15, 2002

MOZAMBIQUE: CPJ alarmed by case of murdered journalist
POSTED October 8, 2002

IVORY COAST: CPJ concerned about journalists' safety
POSTED September 25, 2002

ERITREA: CPJ confirms that four more journalists are in prison
POSTED September 19, 2002

DRC: Rebel forces detain journalist
POSTED September 19, 2002

DRC: CPJ disturbed by journalistsí prison sentences
POSTED September 12, 2002

NIGER: CPJ concerned about climate for independent journalism
POSTED September 4, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Offices of news production company are destroyed
POSTED August 29, 2002

TOGO: CPJ concerned about proposed amendment to press laws
POSTED August 27, 2002

LIBERIA: CPJ expresses renewed concern about safety and whereabouts of journalist
POSTED August 15, 2002

KENYA: Journalist released from prison
POSTED August 15, 2002

KENYA: Journalist transferred to maximum-security prison
POSTED August 13, 2002

KENYA: Journalist jailed for criminal defamation
POSTED August 12, 2002

AFRICAN UNION: CPJ urges group to guarantee press freedom
POSTED August 12, 2002

RWANDA: Journalists released
POSTED August 9, 2002

ERITREA: CPJ confirms detention of 14th journalist
POSTED August 6, 2002

ERITREA: Government admits to CPJ that it is holding journalists in secret detention
POSTED August 2, 2002

THE GAMBIA: CPJ urges president not to sign media bill
POSTED August 1, 2002

DRC: Arrests of two journalists are latest in series of press attacks
POSTED July 30, 2002

RWANDA: Three journalists sentenced to "preventative detention"
POSTED July 29, 2002

LIBERIA: Military court demands that journalist be brought to hearing
POSTED July 26, 2002

ETHIOPIA: CPJ delegation calls on government to lift restrictions on journalists
POSTED July 25, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Journalists' case is referred to higher court
POSTED July 25, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Journalists' lawyer argues for referral to higher court
POSTED July 22, 2002

ETHIOPIA: CPJ condemns jailing of journalist
POSTED July 18, 2002

ZIMBABWE: U.S. journalist acquitted but ordered to leave country
July 15, 2002

NIGER: CPJ protests sentencing of journalist
POSTED July 10, 2002

LIBERIA: CPJ asks government to respond to reports of custodial killing; editor feared dead
POSTED July 3, 2002

GUINEA-BISSAU: Two journalists arrested
June 27, 2002

NIGER: Prominent editor arrested again
POSTED June 20, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Government imposes harsh licensing fees on journalists
POSTED June 19, 2002

TOGO: Journalist detained for two weeks
POSTED June 18, 2002

ZAMBIA: Four journalists arrested and charged with defamation
POSTED June 12, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Foreign correspondent on trial, risks two years in jail
POSTED June 11, 2002

KENYA: Court bans newspaper from writing about businessman
POSTED June 7, 2002

NIGER: Journalists released after a week in jail
POSTED May 29, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Arrests of journalists continue
POSTED May 22, 2002

Murder in Mozambique CPJ releases a new special report on murder of journalist Carlos Cardoso
POSTED May 21, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Charges dropped against journalist
POSTED May 7, 2002

THE GAMBIA: New press law would force journalists to reveal sources
POSTED May 6, 2002

LIBERIA: Newspaper shut down for criticizing Taylor regime
POSTED May 6, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Three independent reporters arrested
POSTED May 1, 2002

KENYA: Attorney general proposes restrictive media bill
POSTED April 25, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Prominent editor arrested
POSTED April 16, 2002

TOGO: Government uses harsh press law to stifle criticism
POSTED April 16, 2002

ERITREA: Jailed journalists moved to undisclosed location
POSTED April 11, 2002

ETHIOPIA: Two journalists jailed for their work; more than 30 face charges
POSTED April 8, 2002

ERITREA: Jailed journalists on hunger strike
POSTED April 3, 2002

GHANA: Government censors reporting on ethnic strife
POSTED April 2, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Reporter released without charge after 72 hours in detention
POSTED April 1, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Jailed journalist charged under harsh new press law
POSTED March 29, 2002

ZIMBABWE: CPJ calls for release of journalist
POSTED March 28, 2002  

COMOROS: Radio journalist jailed over controversial talk show
POSTED March 25, 2002  

ZIMBABWE: Mugabe signs restrictive media bill
POSTED March 15, 2002  

ETHIOPIA: Editor released after nine months
POSTED March 5, 2002

MADAGASCAR: Four radio stations attacked as post-election crisis deepens
February 28, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Foreign journalists denied visas
February 28, 2002

LIBERIA: Journalists arrested for criticising state of emergency
February 21, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Office of independent newspaper bombed
POSTED February 11, 2002

ZIMBABWE: CPJ disturbed by passage of media bill
POSTED February 1, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Government set to amend restrictive new media law
POSTED January 17, 2002

MOZAMBIQUE: President's son pursues defamation case against Metical reporter
POSTED January 16, 2002

ZIMBABWE: CPJ condemns pending media bill
POSTED January 7, 2002

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