CPJ Mideast Program Coordinator: JOEL CAMPAGNA
Researcher: Hani Sabra

ISRAEL: CPJ responds to Israel Defense Forces report on journalist shootings
Posted December 21, 2001  

ISRAEL: CPJ condemns destruction of Palestinian radio facility
Posted December 13, 2001  

BAHRAIN: Reporter prosecuted for criticizing government
Posted December 10, 2001  

ISRAEL: Israeli forces harass journalists, bar them from covering clashes
Posted October 25, 2001  

JORDAN: New Penal Code amendments curtail press freedom
Posted October 12, 2001

PALESTINIAN NATIONAL AUTHORITY: CPJ concerned about ongoing restrictions on journalists
Posted October 9, 2001

UNITED STATES: CPJ dismayed by U.S. pressure against Arab satellite news channel
Posted October 4, 2001

SYRIA: Government legalizes, but restricts, private newspapers
Posted September 28, 2001

IRAN: CPJ congratulates press freedom awardee Shamsolvaezin on his release
Posted September 27, 2001

YEMEN: CPJ troubled by state harrassment of journalists
Posted September 21, 2001

PALESTINIAN NATIONAL AUTHORITY: CPJ condemns closure of local TV station
Posted September 21, 2001

EGYPT: Tabloid editor sentenced to three years in prison
Posted September 21, 2001

PALESTINIAN NATIONAL AUTHORITY: CPJ protests harassment of journalists covering West Bank celebrations of U.S. terrorist attacks
Posted September 18, 2001

LEBANON: Army takes legal action against newspaper
Posted September 5, 2001

LEBANON: CPJ concerned about detained Lebanese journalists
Posted August 21, 2001

TUNISIA: Journalist attacked after being released from prison
Posted August 20, 2001

ISRAEL: Soldier assaults Egyptian TV crew at West Bank checkpoint
Posted August 14, 2001

ISRAEL: Army chief orders commanders to ensure safety of journalists
Posted July 27, 2001

ALGERIA: Journalist sentenced in absentia on defamation charge
Posted July 25, 2001

IRAN: CPJ condemns new jail term for journalist Ganji
Posted July 16, 2001

MOROCCO: Journalists harassed over Ben Barka coverage
Posted July 13, 2001

ISRAEL and the Occupied Territories: Cameraman comes under machine gun fire in Hebron
Posted June 29, 2001

TUNISIA: Activist journalist jailed after London TV appearance
Posted June 28, 2001

YEMEN: CPJ deplores government crackdown on local media
Posted June 26, 2001

ISRAEL: CPJ releases latest research on shootings of journalists in Israel and the Occupied Territories
Posted June 20, 2001

ALGERIA: Two journalists killed in anti-government demonstrations
Posted June 19, 2001

ISRAEL: CPJ delegation meets with Israeli ambassador
Posted June 11, 2001  

IRAN: As presidential vote approaches, CPJ calls on government to free jailed journalists
Posted June 6, 2001  

LEBANON: CPJ condemns military trial of Lebanese-American correspondent
Posted June 5, 2001  

CYPRUS: CPJ condemns bombing of opposition paper in Turkish enclave
Posted May 31, 2001  

PALESTINIAN NATIONAL AUTHORITY: Newsweek reporters detained by militant faction
Posted May 31, 2001  

IRAN: Jailed editor transferred to solitary confinement
Posted May 24, 2001  

TUNISIA: On anniversary of assassination attempt against journalist, CPJ calls for justice
Posted May 22, 2001

ALGERIA: Deputies pass harsh criminal defamation law
Posted May 18, 2001  

SYRIA: CPJ welcomes release, urges full freedom of movement for ailing journalist
Posted May 8, 2001

SYRIA: Out of jail, journalist maintains hunger strike to protest house arrest
Posted May 7, 2001

IRAN: CPJ Hears from imprisoned journalist on World Press Freedom Day
Posted May 3, 2001

ALGERIA: Parliament to vote on strengthening criminal defamation penalties
Posted April 27, 2001

ISRAEL and the Occupied Territories: TV journalist shot by Israeli forces in Gaza
Posted April 25, 2001

TURKEY: Columnist on trial for "inciting hatred"
Posted April 20, 2001

LEBANON: Reporter loses passport after criticizing security forces
Posted April 12, 2001

IRAN: CPJ appeals for release of journalist
Posted April 10, 2001

JORDAN: Israeli journalists barred from Arab summit
Posted March 28, 2001

PALESTINIAN NATIONAL AUTHORITY: Arafat allows Al-Jazeera bureau to reopen
Posted March 23, 2001

PALESTINIAN NATIONAL AUTHORITY:  Security forces close Al-Jazeera bureau for "insulting" Arafat
Posted March 22, 2001

KUWAIT:  Editor murdered
Posted March 21, 2001

ISRAEL and the OCCUPIED TERRITORIES: Journalists at risk
Posted March 13, 2001  

MOROCCO:   Convicted of criminal defamation, two journalists face jail and crippling fines
Posted March 1, 2001  

TURKEY:   Reporter faces 12 years in prison for article on alleged judicial improprieties
Posted February 26, 2001  

KUWAIT:   CPJ asks amnesty for two journalists serving life sentences
Posted February 23, 2001  

MOROCCO:  Three newspapers banned for alleging prime minister's involvement in 1972 coup attempt
Posted December 8, 2000  

ISRAEL and the OCCUPIED TERRITORIES:   Peril in the territories
Posted November 9, 2000  

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