CPJ Europe Program Coordinator: ALEX LUPIS
Researcher: Olga Tarasov

RUSSIA: Grigory Pasko receives a four-year prison sentence
Posted December 26, 2001  

YUGOSLAVIA: Government investigates two publications for printing list of alleged war criminals
Posted November 28, 2001

RUSSIA: Another TV channel threatened with closure
Posted November 26, 2001

BELARUS: CPJ denounces closure of independent weekly newspaper
Posted November 13, 2001

RUSSIA: CPJ releases exclusive interview with exiled journalist
Posted November 13, 2001

GEORGIA: CPJ condemns government raid on independent TV station
Posted October 31, 2001  

CZECH REPUBLIC: CPJ denounces threats by prime minister to bankrupt independent weekly
Posted October 24, 2001  

KOSOVO: Journalist murdered in drive-by shooting
Posted October 22, 2001  

RUSSIA: CPJ calls for justice in trial of journalist Grigory Pasko
Posted October 17, 2001  

AZERBAIJAN: President Aliyev pardons two imprisoned journalists
Posted October 17, 2001

RUSSIA: Journalist flees to Vienna after receiving threats
Posted October 15, 2001  

NORTHERN IRELAND: Investigative reporter shot dead
Posted October 1, 2001  

RUSSIA: Illegal takeover of provincial station mirrors NTV drama
Posted September 28, 2001

RUSSIA / GEORGIA: Japanese journalist missing in Caucasus
Posted September 26, 2001

RUSSIA: Newspaper publisher murdered
Posted September 24, 2001

BELARUS: CPJ denounces harassment of independent media during presidential election
Posted September 21, 2001

UKRAINE: On anniversary of journalist's disappearance, CPJ supports calls for international inquiry
Posted September 18, 2001

BELARUS: CPJ condemns pre-election press freedom abuses
Posted September 5, 2001

UKRAINE: Cameraman assaulted in city park
Posted August 30, 2001

AZERBAIJAN: Government forces closure of independent TV station
Posted August 27, 2001

BELARUS: Officials seize independent-media equipment ahead of presidential election
Posted August 23, 2001

KYRGYZSTAN: CPJ protests harassment of independent press
Posted August 22, 2001

BELARUS: Police confiscate special edition of independent newspaper
Posted August 20, 2001

UZBEKISTAN: Independent television station head flees country
Posted August 14, 2001

BELARUS: CPJ monitor denied entry
Posted August 8, 2001

ITALY: CPJ condemns attacks on journalists at G-8 conference in Genoa
Posted August 2, 2001

RUSSIA: Military tightens restrictions on journalists in Chechnya
Posted July 30, 2001

GEORGIA: Journalist found dead
Posted July 27, 2001

BELARUS: Wife of missing cameraman calls for independent investigation
Posted July 27, 2001

CENTRAL ASIAN REPUBLICS: CPJ testifies before U.S. Congress on press freedom conditions in Central Asia
Posted July 19, 2001

UKRAINE: Media executive assaulted
Posted July 17, 2001

RUSSIA: Moscow authorities free Tajik journalist
Posted July 12, 2001

RUSSIA: Pasko espionage trial under way at last
Posted July 11, 2001

RUSSIA: Journalist in "fighting spirits" on eve of trial
Posted July 10, 2001

UKRAINE: CPJ condemns murder of TV journalist
Posted July 10, 2001

BELARUS: One year later, no progress in investigation of cameraman's disappearance
Posted July 6, 2001

YUGOSLAVIA: Journalists attacked by angry Milosevic supporters in Belgrade
Posted June 29, 2001

RUSSIA: CPJ's Peter Arnett meets Russian ambassador to discuss Pasko trial
Posted June 27, 2001

FRANCE: Body of Corsican journalist found in river
Posted June 21, 2001

RUSSIA: CPJ denounces third postponement in Pasko trial
Posted June 19, 2001

UKRAINE: Editor ordered to abstain from journalism in defamation case
Posted June 18, 2001  

SERBIA: Journalist killed in brutal assault
Posted June 11, 2001  

RUSSIA: CPJ deplores official harassment of Vladivostok media
Posted June 11, 2001  

RUSSIA: Postponement of Pasko trial criticized by defense, CPJ
Posted June 4, 2001  

RUSSIA: Authorities brutalize provincial reporter who exposed prosecutorial misconduct
Posted June 1, 2001  

RUSSIA: CPJ delegation arrives in Moscow to support Grigory Pasko
Posted May 29, 2001  

UZBEKISTAN: Government harasses relatives of VOA reporter
Posted May 25, 2001  

SPAIN: Newspaper executive murdered
Posted May 24, 2001  

SPAIN: Basque journalist injured by letter bomb
Posted May 15, 2001

BOSNIA: President pledges justice in Kopanja murder attempt
Posted May 10, 2001

YUGOSLAVIA: CPJ urges greater protection and independence for journalists in Serbia
Posted May 8, 2001

RUSSIA: State takeover of news outlets threatens press freedom
Posted April 30, 2001

RUSSIA: Gazprom occupies NTV headquarters
Posted April 17, 2001

KAZAKHSTAN: Government wields criminal libel laws against opposition press
Posted April 17, 2001

KYRGYZSTAN: Parliament may abolish criminal libel
Posted April 13, 2001

RUSSIA: Gazprom completes NTV takeover
Posted April 3, 2001

MACEDONIA: Journalist killed on Kosovo-Macedonia border
Posted March 29, 2001

RUSSIA:  Pasko espionage trial postponed to June 4
Posted March 22, 2001

RUSSIA:  Journalist Grigory Pasko faces second espionage trial
Posted March 21, 2001

KYRGYZSTAN:  Government shuts two independent papers
Posted March 20, 2001

RUSSIA:   CPJ meets with Gazprom Media chief
Posted March 6, 2001  

RUSSIA:  Journalist's killers sought to intimidate newspaper, CPJ research finds
Posted January 8, 2001

UKRAINE:  CPJ calls for prompt independent investigation of Gongadze disappearance
Posted December 15, 2000

YUGOSLAVIA:  CPJ concerned about continued harassment of independent media
Posted December 07, 2000