CPJ Asia Program Coordinator: KAVITA MENON

EAST TIMOR: Killers of Indonesian journalist convicted of "crimes against humanity"
Posted December 12, 2001  

NEPAL: Maoist revolt sparks crackdown on press
Posted November 29, 2001

AFGHANISTAN: CPJ concerned about Canadian journalist believed kidnapped
Posted November 28, 2001

AFGHANISTAN: Swedish journalist killed by armed robbers in Taloqan
Posted November 27, 2001

AFGHANISTAN: Taliban expel foreign journalists
Posted November 26, 2001

AFGHANISTAN: ITN reporter wounded by shrapnel
Posted November 26, 2001

BANGLADESH: Journalist jailed over coverage of anti-Hindu violence
Posted November 26, 2001

AFGHANISTAN: CPJ welcomes release of Japanese journalist
Posted November 20, 2001 ">

AFGHANISTAN: Four journalists killed
Posted November 19, 2001 ">

AFGHANISTAN: U.S. missile destroys Al-Jazeera office in Kabul
Posted November 13, 2001

AFGHANISTAN: CPJ mourns three journalists killed on assignment
Posted November 12, 2001

AFGHANISTAN: French journalist Peyrard released
Posted November 5, 2001  

CHINA: CPJ awardee receives nine-year sentence
Posted November 2, 2001  

AFGHANISTAN: Japanese journalist detained in Taliban territory
Posted November 1, 2001  

PAKISTAN: Government bars Indian journalists
Posted October 29, 2001  

SRI LANKA: On anniversary of journalist's murder, CPJ demands answers
Posted October 18, 2001

PAKISTAN: Authorities release French reporter Aziz Zemouri
Posted October 16, 2001

AFGHANISTAN: CPJ demands release of French journalist and Pakistani guides
Posted October 16, 2001

PAKISTAN: CPJ urges Pakistani authorities to release French journalist Aziz Zemouri
Posted October 13, 2001

PAKISTAN: Journalists arrested without charges
Posted October 10, 2001

AFGHANISTAN: Taliban release British journalist
Posted October 9, 2001

AFGHANISTAN: Taliban arrest French journalist and two Pakistani guides
Posted October 9, 2001

AFGHANISTAN: Detained British journalist faces trial
Posted October 4, 2001

INDIA: CPJ mourns deaths of four journalists in plane crash
Posted October 3, 2001

CHINA: Jailed journalist asks United Nations for justice
Posted October 3, 2001

BRUNEI: Government plans harsh new press law
Posted September 25, 2001

CHINA: Two Chinese citizens arrested for online speech
Posted September 18, 2001

SOUTH KOREA: CPJ concerned about tax audits of local media companies
Posted September 17, 2001

AFGHANISTAN: CPJ condemns Taliban restrictions on foreign journalists
Posted September 10, 2001

PAKISTAN: Newsweek article criticizing blasphemy laws is censored
Posted September 4, 2001

INDIA: Editor charged with "promoting disharmony"
Posted August 29, 2001

VIETNAM: Authorities confiscate retired general's memoirs
Posted August 23, 2001

TAIWAN: Thugs attack local news magazine
Posted August 23, 2001

INDONESIA: CPJ welcomes release of Belgian filmmakers held hostage
Posted August 16, 2001

CHINA: Jailed Internet publisher tried in secret
Posted August 16, 2001

INDONESIA: Threatened by separatists, Aceh newspaper suspends publication
Posted August 15, 2001

CHINA: Government issues new list of forbidden media topics
Posted August 10, 2001

INDIA: Vineet Narain contempt trial postponed
Posted August 10, 2001

NAURU: AFP reporter barred from covering Pacific Forum summit
Posted August 9, 2001

INDIA: Vineet Narain's contempt trial starts tomorrow
Posted August 8, 2001

PAKISTAN: Journalist in hiding after local authorities threaten his arrest over coverage of tribal clashes
Posted August 7, 2001

CHINA: CPJ asks fair trial for journalist charged with spying
Posted August 2, 2001

INDONESIA: CPJ calls on new president to support press freedom
Posted August 1, 2001

INDONESIA: CPJ urges new government not to revive repressive Ministry of Information
Posted July 31, 2001

PAKISTAN: CPJ urges inquiry into prosecution of Frontier Post editor
Posted July 30, 2001

CHINA: Journalist jailed for exposing corruption
Posted July 19, 2001

BURMA: CPJ welcomes release of journalist San San Nwe
Posted July 18, 2001

PAKISTAN: Journalists released on bail
Posted July 18, 2001

PAKISTAN: Four journalists jailed for more than a month on blasphemy charges
Posted July 11, 2001

INDIA: CPJ and Human Rights Watch protest editor's contempt prosecution
Posted July 6, 2001

INDONESIA: CPJ concerned about two Belgian journalists missing in Papua
Posted June 27, 2001

CHINA: Jailed Web site publisher's trial postponed
Posted June 26, 2001

CHINA: Internet essayist jailed for "subversion"
Posted June 25, 2001

SRI LANKA: State media launch smear campaign against Tamil journalist
Posted June 21, 2001

NEPAL: CPJ welcomes journalists' release, but says sedition charges should be dropped
Posted June 18, 2001  

MALAYSIA: Ruling coalition takes over independent papers
Posted June 13, 2001  

NEPAL: CPJ concerned about continued detention of three leading journalists
Posted June 12, 2001  

PHILIPPINES: Bomb explodes outside radio station
Posted June 7, 2001  

NEPAL: Newspaper executives arrested in aftermath of palace killings
Posted June 6, 2001  

SRI LANKA: CPJ welcomes lifting of censorship, urges press access to conflict areas
Posted June 6, 2001  

PHILIPPINES: Radio journalist murdered
Posted May 31, 2001  

INDONESIA: Journalists beaten by Wahid supporters in central Java
Posted May 31, 2001  

SRI LANKA: CPJ condemns smoke bomb attack on weekly paper
Posted May 25, 2001  

INDIA: CPJ urges punishment of officers responsible for beating journalists in Kashmir
Posted May 17, 2001  

INDIA: Troops attack journalists at a civilian funeral in Kashmir
Posted May 10, 2001

BANGLADESH: Criminals attack press with impunity, CPJ finds
Posted April 24, 2001

THAILAND: CPJ calls for prosecution of journalist's killers
Posted April 23, 2001

SINGAPORE: CPJ alarmed by move to restrict foreign broadcasters
Posted April 19, 2001

SRI LANKA: U.S. Journalist wounded covering Sri Lankan civil war
Posted April 17, 2001

SRI LANKA: Reporter threatened after covering alleged rape of jailed Tamil women
Posted April 16, 2001

SRI LANKA: Reporter's murder still unsolved
Posted April 4, 2001

PAKISTAN: Reporter abducted, beaten in Islamabad
Posted March 29, 2001

PHILIPPINES: Broadcaster's murder still unsolved
Posted March 27, 2001

NEPAL:  Leftist editor released from jail
Posted March 21, 2001

AFGHANISTAN:  CPJ condemns Taliban's expulsion of BBC reporter
Posted March 14, 2001

NEPAL: Leftist editor disappears
Posted March 12, 2001  

MALAYSIA:  Government blocks international newsmagazines
Posted March 7, 2001  

SRI LANKA:   Justice delayed for journalist harassed by Air Force officers
Posted February 22, 2001  

CHINA:   Trial of Internet publisher adjourned for health reasons
Posted February 13, 2001  

PAKISTAN:  Journalists arrested for blasphemy
Posted January 31, 2001

INDONESIA:  Foreign Minister seeks to limit journalists' access to trouble spots
Posted January 30, 2001  

AFGHANISTAN:  BBC translator detained in Kabul
Posted December 18, 2000  

INDONESIA:  Swiss journalist released in Irian Jaya
Posted December 14, 2000  

INDONESIA:  Swiss journalist detained in Irian Jaya
Posted December 6, 2000  

BANGLADESH:  Government attacks newspaper for publishing national anthem parody
Posted November 30, 2000  

PHILIPPINES:  Radio broadcaster murdered in Zamboanga del Sur
Posted November 29, 2000  

PAKISTAN:  Newspaper office bombed in Karachi
Posted November 6, 2000