CPJ Africa Program Coordinator: YVES SOROKOBI
Adam Posluns, Wacuka Mungai

ZIMBABWE: Foreign Correspondents Association created
Posted December 13, 2001  

ERITREA: Government tightens noose on independent press
Posted December 3, 2001

ZIMBABWE: New security bill may restrict independent press, state paper reports
Posted November 28, 2001

ZIMBABWE: CPJ condemns arrest of editor
Posted November 8, 2001  

ANGOLA: Government says journalist's murder "not politically motivated"
Posted October 17, 2001  

SOUTHERN AFRICA: CPJ concerned about deterioration of press freedom conditions in SADC region
Posted October 12, 2001

ETHIOPIA: CPJ completes fact-finding mission; envoy visits jailed journalist
Posted October 9, 2001

BENIN: Journalists arrested, newspaper censured, over bin Laden article
Posted October 3, 2001

Covering the New War
ERITREA: Nine journalists arrested; two others flee in crackdown
Posted September 25, 2001

SIERRA LEONE: Seven journalists threatened with assassination
Posted September 25, 2001

SENEGAL: CPJ concerned about press freedom decline
Posted September 24, 2001

ERITREA: Government suspends all private newspapers
Posted September 20, 2001

LIBERIA: Radio host arrested for airing anti-American commentary
Posted September 20, 2001

Covering the New War

NIGERIA: Former dictator refuses to testify in journalist's unsolved murder
Posted August 27, 2001

ZIMBABWE: Independent press under siege
Posted August 23, 2001

ANGOLA: Journalist faces travel restrictions
Posted August 23, 2001

ZIMBABWE: Journalist on alleged government death list summoned by police
Posted August 21, 2001

ZAMBIA: Editor charged with defaming president
Posted August 21, 2001

ZIMBABWE: Government grows more hostile to the press as election nears
Posted August 16, 2001

ZIMBABWE: Popular editor and three colleagues arrested
Posted August 15, 2001

LIBERIA: Government takes control of all national broadcasting
Posted August 14, 2001

ZAMBIA: Chiluba government cracks down on press as elections near
Posted August 14, 2001

ERITREA: Journalist abducted by security forces, many others still missing
Posted August 6, 2001

SOUTH AFRICA: Government considering invasive interception and monitoring bill
Posted August 3, 2001

ETHIOPIA: Zenawi government cracks down on local press
Posted August 1, 2001

ZIMBABWE: CPJ delegation visits Harare to support local press
Posted July 26, 2001

MOZAMBIQUE: CPJ finds fear in country's press
Posted July 19, 2001

ANGOLA: CPJ concerned about recent decline in press freedom
Posted July 17, 2001

ANGOLA: Journalist and human-rights activist Rafael Marques detained
Posted July 16, 2001

TOGO: Police seize print run of local weekly
Posted July 11, 2001

ANGOLA: Provincial journalist murdered
Posted July 10, 2001

SWAZILAND: Royal decree expands state power to ban publications
Posted July 5, 2001

NIGERIA: Editor jailed for defaming President Obasanjo
Posted July 02, 2001

DRC: Press freedom abuses continue under new Kabila
Posted June 22, 2001

ERITREA: CPJ delegation meets with Eritrean ambassador to express concern about missing journalists
Posted June 13, 2001  

ETHIOPIA: Jailed editor faces multiple charges
Posted June 13, 2001  

ERITREA: CPJ asks Justice Minister to clarify whereabouts of 15 journalists
Posted June 7, 2001  
ZIMBABWE: Government bans political TV program
Posted June 6, 2001  

NAMIBIA: President bans government subcriptions to leading daily
Posted June 1, 2001  

MALI: Public broadcasting chief jailed on criminal defamation charges
Posted May 22, 2001

ETHIOPIA: Two journalists freed, two still detained
Posted May 16, 2001  

SWAZILAND: Two periodicals suspended over palace coverage
Posted May 11, 2001

LIBERIA: Information Ministry orders censorship of civil war coverage
Posted May 2, 2001

ETHIOPIA: Journalist disappears during riots
Posted April 23, 2001

ZIMBABWE: Information minister fails to gag weekly paper
Posted April 19, 2001

DRC: Press conditions no better under new Kabila
Posted April 10, 2001

ZIMBABWE: CPJ calls on President Mugabe to drop defamation charges against newspaper
Posted April 6, 2001

LIBERIA: Four jailed journalists released
Posted April 3, 2001

BURKINA FASO: On eve of "National Day of Forgiveness," CPJ urges full investigation into murder of editor Norbert Zongo
Posted March 29, 2001

LIBERIA: Four jailed journalists face espionage charges Monday
Posted March 23, 2001

ZIMBABWE:  CPJ delegation meets ambassador, deplores worsening press conditions
Posted March 20, 2001

MOZAMBIQUE:  Police arrest key suspects in Cardoso murder
Posted March 14, 2001

LIBERIA:  CPJ protests espionage charges against four local journalists
Posted March 12, 2001  

ETHIOPIA:  Journalist jailed for defamation
Posted March 8, 2001

ETHIOPIA:  Editor of Amharic weekly freed on bail
Posted February 28, 2001

LIBERIA:  Four journalists charged with espionage
Posted February 22, 2001  

ZIMBABWE:  Government orders expulsion of foreign correspondent
Posted February 16, 2001  

CÔTE D'IVOIRE:  Journalists harassed for covering coup attempt
Posted February 15, 2001  

SIERRA LEONE:  Editor grilled for reporting President's security fears
Posted February 6, 2001  

ZIMBABWE:  "Unpatriotic" newspaper bombed
Posted January 29, 2001

ANGOLA:  Rafael Marques forbidden to travel
Posted December 12, 2000  

MOZAMBIQUE :  Veteran Journalist Murdered

Posted November 27, 2000  
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ZIMBABWE:   Government to silence independent papers "once and for all"

Posted November 2, 2000