Geoffrey King

Global: Citizen Journalism, Internet, Freedoms of Speech and Press, Privacy, Technology, Online Surveillance and Censorship


King joined CPJ in 2013 to coordinate the organization's Internet and technology policy efforts. Based in San Francisco, he protects the rights of journalists through advocacy, public education, and engagement with policymakers worldwide.

Prior to joining CPJ, King, an attorney by training, represented U.S.-based individuals in constitutional matters involving the freedoms of speech, press, and petition. He is also a documentary photographer whose work has focused on human rights and social movements.

In addition to his work as an advocate and journalist, King teaches courses at UC Berkeley on digital privacy law and policy, as well as the intersection of media and social change.

King holds a bachelor's degree in Mass Communications, Phi Beta Kappa and with Highest Distinction, from UC Berkeley. He earned his law degree from Stanford Law School. His public GPG encryption key can be found here.


San Francisco


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