Elisabeth Witchel

Impunity Campaign Consultant

Global: Impunity, Asylum Issues, Exile

Witchel has more than 15 years' experience in human rights and international journalism. She began working at the Committee to Protect Journalists in 2001 as the Journalist Assistance Program Coordinator, and in 2007, she launched CPJ's Global Campaign Against Impunity. Witchel has authored several reports for CPJ, including four editions of Getting Away with Murder: Global Impunity Index; three editions of CPJ's Survey of Journalists in Exile; 2004's The Fixers; and 2005's Zimbabwe's Exiled Press. Witchel, who is now based in the United Kingdom and serves as CPJ's Impunity Campaign Consultant, has presented at international forums, including UNESCO, and served on panels in London, Manila, New York, and Paris. Prior to joining CPJ, she worked at Grassroots Enterprise in San Francisco and reported from Seoul, Korea, for The Korea Times and US News & World Report. Witchel has a bachelor's in history from Stanford University and a master's in International Studies and Diplomacy from the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies.


United Kingdom


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