19-August-97 Turkey Releases Six Editors Under New Amnesty Law
18-August-97 Two Russian Television News Crews Released In Chechnya

15-August-97 International Press Freedom Awardee Ocak Isik Yurtçu Released From Prison
14-August-97 Turkish Parliament Passes Law to Amnesty Yurtçu, Editors
08-August-97 Russian, Chechen Leaders Urged To Help Free Journalists; Russian TV Crew Held Three Months

22-July-97 Indonesian Journalists Released From Prison
22-July-97 Cambodian Journalists Threatened by Military, Exiled Editor Reveals
16-July-97 Killing of Mexican Journalist Condemned by CPJ
16-July-97 Jailed Editor Ocak Isik Yurtçu Receives CPJ Press Freedom Award from Terry Anderson in Emotional Prison Ceremony
14-July-97 Turkish Prime Minister Promises Release of Jailed Editor Yurtçu, Support for Major Press Reforms
11-July-97 Press Freedom Groups Launch Mission to Free Turkey’s Jailed Journalists
21-May-97 Award-Winning Journalist Jailed by Palestinian Authority
21-May-97 Press Freedom Groups Condemn Algeria’s Silencing of Independent Press
20-May-97 Press Freedom Promises of Dayton Accords Broken, CPJ Tells Albright
08-May-97 Proceeds from Michael Bloomberg’s Book to Benefit CPJ
07-May-97 Nigerian Journalist Ladi Olorunyomi Is Released from Jail
03-May-97 CPJ Names 10 Enemies of the Press on World Press Freedom Day, 05 3
22-April-97 Taiwan Court Acquits Reporters of Criminal Libel Charges
15-April-97 Ten U.S. Media Companies, CPJ File Friends-of-the-Court Brief in Taipei On Behalf of Reporters Charged with Criminal Libel
31-March-97. Press Briefing on Belarus at CPJ on 04 16th
31-March-97. CPJ Calls for King Hussein to Halt State Prosecution of Journalists
21-March-97. Killing of Colombian Columnist Draws Protest from CPJ
14-March-97. CPJ Report Shows 185 Journalists Imprisoned Worldwide: Attacks on the Press in 1996

Reporte del CPJ Muestra 185 Periodistas Presos en el Mundo

23-January-97. Campaign to Release Jailed Turkish Editor
07-January-97. Access to Cuba Urged for U.S. Media
18-December-96. Judge’s Ruling Against Menem Supports Journalist’s Right to " Fulfill Duty"
08-December-96. Leader of US Journalists' Group Obtains Pledge From Serbian President to Respect Press Freedom Urges Continued Pressure to Keep Media Open
07-December-96. Leader of American Journalists Group Calls on Milosevic to Restore "Complete Press Freedom" in Serbia, Montenegro
01-November-96. Journalists from India, Mexico, Palestinian Authority, Turkey To Receive CPJ’s International Press Freedom Awards
17-October-96. Pending Trials of Lebanese Journalists Draw Protest from CPJ
16-October-96. Journalists' Group Denounces Recent Attack on U.S Journalist in Bosnian Serb Republic Urges OSCE to Crack Down on Attacks on Journalists
09-October-96. U.S. State Department Institutes Policy Change Toward Ethiopian Press During Christopher’s Visit to Addis Ababa
07-October-96. Ethiopian Government Regularly Jails and Harasses Journalists,CPJ Report Reveals
03-October-96. Press Freedom Violations Continue in Vietnam and Cambodia, CPJ Reports, Following High-level Fact-finding Mission with Peter Arnett and John R. MacArthur
26-September-96. CPJ Hails Not Guilty Verdict for Feral Tribune Journalists--Victory for Press Freedom in Croatia
6-September-96. Journalists Group Denounces Press Freedom Violations in Bosnia - Urges OSCE Enforcement Of Dayton Guarantees For Media
13-August-96. Television Journalist Killed In Chechnya
13-August-96. CPJ Condemns Assassination of Algerian Radio Host
7-August-96. CPJ Says Barriers to Free Expression Underlie Unrest in Indonesia
29-July-96. Letter to U.S Senate regarding proposed 1997 Intelligence Authorization Act (Senate Bill 1718)
26-July-96. Press Freedom Groups Urge Algerian Government to Release Political Cartoonist, End Ban on His Newspaper
22-July-96. CPJ Denounces Continued Imprisonment of Three Journalists in Côte d'Ivoire
18-July-96. CPJ Calls For The Immediate Release of Imprisoned Nigerian Journalists
12-July-96 CPJ Condemns Arrest Of Newspaper Cartoonist
7-July-96 Indian-backed Militia in Kashmir Abducts and Detains 19 Journalists for Over Seven Hours
27-June-96. Free Press Struggles to Establish Itself in Cuba
26-June-96. CPJ Condemns Assassination of Leading Irish Journalist Veronica Guerin
20-June-96. Cuban Officials Interrogate and Deport CPJ Staff Expert
14-June-96. CPJ Presents Brief on Behalf of Croatian Journalists; Feral Tribune Trial Adjourned
14-June-96. Indonesian Supreme Court Reinstates Ban on Tempo   Newsmagazine
7-June-96. CPJ Reports 13 Journalists Assassinated in Russia since 1994
03-May-96. Committee to Protect Journalists Introduces World Wide Web site on World Press Freedom Day
03-May-96 CPJ Names Ten Worst "Enemies of the Press" on World Press Freedom Day
23-Apr-96. CPJ Chair Marton on Balkans Press Freedom Mission
22-Apr-96. Press Freedom Advocates Denounce New Curbs on Kashmiri Press
12-Apr-96. Kashmiri Editor Found Slain Three Weeks After Abduction
3-Apr-96. U.S. Journalists Call on Turkey to Release Imprisoned Reporters
28-Mar-96. Russian Television Reporter Slain in Tajikistan
18-Mar-96. CPJ Launches 1996 Campaign, "Nigeria: The Press Under Siege"
16-Mar-96. Indonesian Journalist Marks First Year in Prison
15-Mar-96. Taiwanese Press Faces Obstacles at Home and in China
14-Mar-96. New CPJ Report Finds Record 182 Journalists Imprisoned Worldwide
13-Mar-96. Zambian Editors Arrested After 10 Days in Hiding
12-Mar-96. Veteran Algerian Reporter Assassinated

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