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Mohamed al-Mesalma


January 18, 2013, in Daraa, Syria

Al-Mesalma, who was also known as Mohamed al-Hourani, was shot by a sniper while reporting on fighting in the village of Basri al-Hariri in the city of Daraa, Al-Jazeera reported

Al-Mesalma had been based in Daraa for about a year, where he reported for Al-Jazeera on the ongoing military clashes between the Syrian army and opposition forces, the reports said.

Local opposition group AEN Network, and local media affiliated with the Syrian opposition, posted a video of the attack, which showed al-Mesalma running across a street with members of an Al-Jazeera crew, and then being shot. The journalist was holding his Al-Jazeera TV microphone at the time of his death. 

Medium: Television

Job: Broadcast Reporter

Beats Covered: War

Gender: Male

Local or Foreign: Local

Freelance: No

Type of Death: Crossfire/Combat-Related

Suspected Source of Fire: Unknown Fire

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