Journalists Killed  |  Colombia

Hárold Humberto Rivas Quevedo

CNC Bugavisión and Voces de Occidente

December 15, 2009, in Buga, Colombia

Rivas, 49, host of the political commentary show “Comuna Libre” on local television station CNC Bugavisión and sports commentator on local radio station Voces de Occidente, left the TV studio in the western city of Buga shortly after 10 p.m., Station Manager Javier Gil told CPJ.

Arriving minutes later at a local funeral home that he managed  Rivas was approached by an individual wearing a dark motorcycle helmet, according to local news reports. The unidentified assailant fired five shots before fleeing aboard a motorcycle with a second individual. Rivas was pronounced dead at the scene, Gil told CPJ.

The station manager said Rivas was generally critical of civic problems but did not directly criticize particular officials or touch on sensitive issues. Gil said investigators did not immediately publicize any leads.

Motive Unconfirmed: CPJ is investigating to determine whether the death was work-related.

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