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Víctor Hernández Martínez


July 26, 1997, in Mexico City, Mexico

Hernández, a police reporter for the magazine Como, was hit on the head with a blunt instrument on July 25 and died the next day. Hernández was attacked after leaving the office of the Federal Judicial Police, where he had gone to work on a story. Colleagues at Como suspect that federal agents working for the judiciary or individuals connected to the police may have killed him. Hernández often covered stories on the police and drug trafficking. He had received threats and was the target of an attempted car bombing.

Medium: Print

Job: Print Reporter

Beats Covered: Crime

Gender: Male

Local or Foreign: Local

Freelance: No

Type of Death: Murder

Suspected Source of Fire: Government Officials

Impunity: Yes

Taken Captive: No

Tortured: No

Threatened: Yes

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