82 Journalists Forced Into Exile

Cases assisted by CPJ June 1, 2014-May 31, 2015


Top Countries
from Which They Flee

34 Ethiopia
16 Syria
4 Libya
3 Pakistan
3 Iran
2 Egypt
2 Iraq
2 Azerbaijan
2 Ukraine
2 Bangladesh
1 Mexico

Top Countries
to Which They Go

33 Kenya
17 U.S.
13 Turkey
2 Germany
2 Lebanon
2 Sweden
2 France
1 Senegal
1 Norway
1 Cameroon

Exile by Region

41 Africa
28 Middle East & North Africa
6 Asia
4 Europe & Central Asia
3 Americas
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Reasons for Exile*

51% Threat of Imprisonment
28% Threat of Violence
12% Imprisonment
11% Violence
33% Harassment
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All figures are rounded to the nearest full percentage point. *May add up to more than 100 percent because more than one category applies in some cases.

Able to Work as Journalist in Exile

2% Continue Working in Exile
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Able to Return Home

1% Able to Return Home
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CPJ's annual exile report counts only cases who have been supported by the organization’s Journalist Assistance Program. CPJ uses this research, combined with expert analysis, to identify global trends. The survey includes only journalists who fled due to work-related persecution, who remained in exile for at least three months, and whose current whereabouts and activities are known to CPJ. The survey does not include the many journalists and media workers who leave their countries for professional opportunities, or to flee general violence, or those who were targeted for activities other than journalism, such as political activism.

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