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2007 Fall/Winter

Drug fueled violence against the press has spread to the central state of Michoacán. At least two journalists' lives have been lost, and self-censorship is taking root.
Paulos Kidane was a poet, actor, and sports reporter. Political turmoil consumed his career and ultimately took his life.
Fifteen years ago, Befekadu Moreda was instrumental in establishing Ethiopia's free press. Today, after a harrowing journey, he's starting a new life in exile.
A CPJ delegation visited Bolivia from June 3 to 8 to examine press freedom conditions. The delegation included Josh Friedman, a CPJ board member and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, and Carlos Lauría, senior coordinator for CPJ's Americas program. The delegation met with President Evo Morales, Vice President Álvaro García Linera, senior government officials, journalists, editors, media executives, and human rights activists in the capital, La Paz, and in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. During meetings with CPJ, members of the local press expressed concern about the government's plans to redraft the constitution. This report was compiled from numerous interviews conducted during the delegation's mission, from research done by CPJ staff, and from subsequent telephone interviews.
  • Ensure that proposed reforms to the constitution do not include provisions that will restrict freedom of the press.

  • Guarantee that the new constitution will strengthen freedom of expression. 

  • Show greater tolerance of criticism in the media by refraining from labeling critics as "enemies."

  • Persuade social groups that support the government to stop harassing and attacking journalists that cover street protests.    

  • Ensure that state media will provide Bolivians the right to plural and impartial information rather than serving the interests of your administration by transmitting official propaganda.    

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