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1999 Spring/Summer

Speaking Out: Postwar Journalism in Guatemala and El Salvador

by Marylene Smeets
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Alzando la Voz El Periodismo en la Etapa Posguerra en Guatemala y El Salvador

by Marylene Smeets

Guatemala y El Salvador vienen levantando cabeza de sendas guerras sangrientas libradas entre gobiernos conservadores de persuasión centralista e insurgentes izquierdistas. Y en ambos países, la prensa comienza a dar señales de independencia.

"During the long period of armed confrontation, even thinking critically was a dangerous act in Guatemala, and to write about political and social realities, events or ideas meant running the risk of threats, torture, disappearance and death," writes the Commission for Historical Clarification in its report on Guatemala's civil war, which was released on February 24. Violence against journalists has subsided since a peace treaty was signed in 1996. But there is a chilling new threat to press freedom in Guatemala: the policies of the government of President Alvaro Arzú Irigoyen.

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