Police arrest suspect in 2004 journalist murder

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Updated: April 11, 2006
Original Case: September 14, 2004

Juan Emilio Andújar Matos, Radio Azua and Listín Diario

On March 29, police arrested a suspect in the September 2004 murder or Dominican journalist Juan Emilio Andújar Matos, who was killed after denouncing a wave of violent crime in the southern town of Azua.

Police arrested Vladimir Pujols in San José de Ocoa province and took him to police headquarters in Santo Domingo, according to the local press. Pujols was one of the two alleged gang members accused of killing Andújar. A second suspect, Tejeda Filpo, was shot to death by police forces two days after Andújar was murdered.

Pujols denied any involvement in the murder, the Dominican press reported. Attorney General Rodolfo Espiñeira said authorities will seek the maximum penalty of 30 years in prison. Pujols will be held until trial.

Andújar was ambushed and shot in the head after a radio broadcast in which he reported on a bloody crime that pitted gang members against police in Azua. Radio reporter Jorge Luis Sención, who witnessed Andújar’s murder, was shot and wounded in a second ambush later that day.

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