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How CPJ investigates and classifies attacks on the press

APRIL 30, 2004
Posted: June 4, 2004

Yves Kpéto, Nana FM

Kouamivi Amouzouvi, Le Combat du Peuple

Kpéto, a journalist for the private radio station Nana FM, and Amouzouvi, a reporter for the private weekly Le Combat du Peuple (The Fight of the People), were attacked in the country's capital, Lomé, by state security officers while covering a student demonstration on the University of Lomé campus.

Sources at Nana FM said that a group of officers who were confronting the students approached Kpéto while he observed the protests. Kpéto told them he was a journalist, but the soldiers attacked him, beating him with clubs. Amouzouvi witnessed the beating and tried to intervene by telling the officers that Kpéto was a journalist. The security forces then beat Amouzouvi as well.

Both journalists were taken to a hospital for treatment and released later that day.

Security officers also confiscated Kpéto's minidisc recorder. They returned it to Nana FM on May 3, but without the disc that had been inside. The disc contained an interview with Togo's education minister that Kpéto had recorded shortly before he was beaten.

Kpéto was unable to return to work until May 17.